DFW- where should I live?

  1. I'm not familiar with many parts of Dallas. I have been to Irving although from what I hear its growing very rapidly and the prices are rising sharply! It seemed like a nice safe area but very cookie cutter and... a bit too cramped. Someone told me that Fort Worth is surrounded by little towns and might be more my style. I definitely want a LOW CRIME area where my kids can play outside and where the neighbors know one another and create a sense of community.

    I'm very interested in working a trauma center like Parkland when I graduate...although that seems to be right in the heart of Dallas. From those who live in the area or are familiar with it... could you advise me on what might be right for me? I'd like to find an area where I could buy a 3-4 bedroom home for 200-250k with the attributes listed above. But I also do not want to commute in traffic for hours each day... I would however be willing to park and ride if there is a program like that in place and if it's safe for me to do so.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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  3. by   carachel2
    We live smack in the middle and love it ! If you don't mind an older home and want a home in an established neighborhood with trees, good sized yards and good schools, then you should consider Pantego.

    Pantego is actually a 'city within a city' and the schools are Arlington schools. Pantego has its own city government and municipality and can pour its $$$ into nice parks and such. Woodland West (to be more specific) is a great older neighborhood that is being revived by younger families. It is within walking distance to the local elementary school (Duff...a 'recognized' school) and the houses are anything but cookie cutter. The neighborhood has a 'Mayberry" type feel and you will see lots of families walking to school or riding bikes. Also in the same neighborhood is a city pool (very well maintained); a recreation and fitness center and a country club.

    Although it has a shopping strip/mall type appearance, it is slowly moving forward into its own distinct town. Pantego is about 6 minutes off of I30 and you could get to Parkland within about 25-30 minutes in the early a.m. without traffic. JPS is also a good choice (although it doesn't have the strong teaching program that Parkland does) and they get lots of trauma.

    My husband and I hope to eventually move to a smaller city in the midwest, but for now we are happy to be in a "city within a city" and have a few perks of small town living.

    Ft.Worth does have lots of smaller towns on the periphery and I've heard good things about them as well. Burleson, Joshua, Keller, etc.etc. are all fast growing areas.
  4. by   grnmtngirl
    THANKS for the wealth of information. I'll take a look! "Mayberry" sounds about what I'm looking for
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    I live in Joshua a small town 25 miles south of Ft Worth. I live out in the country but this is a rapidly growing area. I have lived here all my life and when I was born it had a population of something like 600... There are alot of great small towns around here and there is easy access to Ft worth and if you take 67 from Alvarado you can get to Dallas within a Hour...Good Luck on your search...
  6. by   TheCommuter
    I live and work in south Fort Worth, more specifically next to the town of Crowley. The schools in this part of Fort Worth are located in the Crowley Independent School District, which is a highly-acclaimed and sought-after school district. I live in a brand new subdivision; moreover, my 1,860 square foot house cost $104,000 last year. All of the houses in my zip code are new and located in the suburbs. The area is safe, low-crime, laid-back, and conveniently located 4 miles west of Interstate 35W and 5 miles south of Interstate 20. The large 4-bedroom 3,200 square foot homes in my subdivision cost $160,000.

    If you do not want to actually live within the city limits of Fort Worth, some good suburbs of Fort Worth are Crowley, Burleson, Saginaw, Roanoke, Azle, Benbrook, Watauga, Keller, Hurst, Bedford, Euless, Lake Worth, and Colleyville. Arlington is the nice, mid-sized city located smack dab in between Fort Worth and Dallas.
  7. by   grnmtngirl
    Is it unsafe inside the loop of Dallas in the areas "around" Parkland such as Highland or University Park or around Whiterock or Parkdale lake?
  8. by   gauge14iv
    There are great places to live IN town too - if you have kids you just have to choose VERY carefully in regards to schools. There ARE some good and even great schools even within the DISD, you just have to really watch where you live in order to get them.

    UP and HP are for the most part largely unaffordable unless you happen to be wealthy.

    White Rock is a beautiful area and so is Lakewood - you can find affordable homes in those areas.
  9. by   Kiya
    Good information!!! My husband and I currently reside in an apartment/townhouse in Cityview. We love the area and would like to stay here but we will be looking for a home soon with a little extra property. I'm not from Texas (my husband is) so I, too, am not familiar with all of the surrounding areas of DFW. Thanks to everyone for their tips and insight. Good luck in your search grnmtngirl and keep us posted please!
  10. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from Kiya
    My husband and I currently reside in an apartment/townhouse in Cityview.
    What a coincidence! I work at a facility that is located in the Cityview area of Fort Worth, directly on Bryant Irvin Road. The area is beautiful, well-manicured, peaceful, and desirable.
  11. by   gauge14iv
    There is a Cityview in Dallas too LOL
  12. by   fleur-de-lis
    I moved here about 5 years ago not knowing the area and landed in Northwest fort worth (Eagle Mountain/Saginaw area). We like it here, but if I had it to do again, I would choose Grapevine or Arlington. Grapevine is a very cool little town. Good luck and welcome!
  13. by   JaxiaKiley
    I'm a bit of a roamer. In the DFW area, these are the places where I have lived in the last 10 years that I would suggest: Burleson, Saginaw, Grapevine, Coppell, Bedford, Keller and the newer parts of Lewisville. I love most of the northern mid-cities areas.
  14. by   txspadequeenRN
    Everyone here seems to love the Mid-Cities,Arlington and HEB area . I cant stand all the congestion and traffic. I got sick to my stomach the other day trying to get to the parks mall. I was on I35 South to Burleson about 2 hours ago and the traffic was so bad (no wrecks).. I thought what is this area coming to. I dont know I think its time for me to head down closer to the hill country to many people fighting over the roads and the houses are so close you can shake hands from your windows (not everywhere but alot of places). Dont get me wrong here folks there are plenty of great people here in the DFW area, but Im not for all the congestion and sounds of cars speeding by your house 24 hours a day. But to each his own.....