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Hi everyone - I am new here but am starting at DNI in the night program in August. I saw some old feedback, and was wondering if anyone has some recent feedback?... Read More

  1. by   GeauxNursing
    yep, our Peds clinicals were all virtuals, in the computer lab. I hope it has improved since then for you guys!
  2. by   bcskittlez
    Hi GeuxNurse!

    Thank you for all of your advice in the past : ) School is going well.

    Yes, they have changed soooo much and they are still changing alot. All the classes before ours won't feel much of the changes, but the one's going forward will.
  3. by   khamillt
    Hey yall whats going on at DNI they said they postponed the Dec 1 evening class to February and they said that the clinical was sunday instead of saturday. UGH!!!!!! This is crazy i have taken my test and every thing. Who goes to school on a Sunday?
  4. by   GeauxNursing
    DNI students do, apparently. They gave the option to do double clinicals Sat/Sun for the first half of the semester then you'd be off the second half every Saturday. about half my class did it.
  5. by   pomegranate
    seems like they are making a lot of changes...my class is apparently the first class to not get study guides for all the tests, and i believe we might get to be the first ones going to wear the new clinical uniforms (HOPEFULLY...i really do not want to wear all white!!)

    i will warn potential students that the "drama and the unprofessionalism" does not always come from the students! most of my classmates are fine, though a little cliquey. i think some of the skills instructors need to get their act together, and though dr. * is funny she might go a little too far sometimes. she doesn't bother me, but some people are offended by it. however, she's an excellant teacher and she really wants everyone to actually understand the material, not just regurgitate, which more than makes up for it IMO. she definitely keeps everyone awake, even when the material is dry!
    also, if you have any problems hearing i'd recommend getting your own stethoscope before starting vital signs. the one they give us is cheap and crappy (for 26k a year you'd think they'd manage more than a $15 steth.....), and a lot of people, including myself, couldn't hear a thing out of it.
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  7. by   GeauxNursing
    wow 26k now? I graduated in January and ours was 18,5.
    We had royal blue uniforms. Very clean and sharp looking. They switched back to white after us. I am a white scrub proponent; they are professional looking. And we are professionals.
    Shout out to Steven Hicks! You da man!
  8. by   Txstarr972
    We got the white uniforms. We just got them last Saturday, I go to my 1st clinical on Saturday! I am really excited, although I heard that the particular facility I am going to is not so great.

    As far as the instructors, I like most of them. A few of the skills labs ones get on my nerves, but the classroom ones are great!

    The stethescope thing made me angry....as the above poster said, for 26k you would think we could get a decent one. I had to go buy another one because I couldn't hear through mine, and I have great hearing. Also the rubber tips that go in your ears fall off, half my class has lost theirs. You would think they would be embarassed to have students representing their school at these clinical sites with cheap equipment that doesnt even work.....anyway. With the price of tuition some of the students cannot afford to buy another one.
  9. by   PurpleLVN
    Quote from GeauxNursing
    wow 26k now? I graduated in January and ours was 18,5.
    We had royal blue uniforms. Very clean and sharp looking. They switched back to white after us. I am a white scrub proponent; they are professional looking. And we are professionals.
    Shout out to Steven Hicks! You da man!
    Hi GeauxNursing-Did you graduate from the ADN school or the PN school? I'm trying to find out their NCLEX passing rate for the ADN graduates.(But I think that they are accepting students for the first ever ADN class, right??!!) Taking my HESI A2 on November 20th!! For anyone interested, the school has waived the $40.00 fee for the exam until the beginning of December!!
  10. by   GeauxNursing
    LVN baby.
    The RN program hasn't started any classes yet. Their nclex pass rates will be high, I'm sure. If you pass the HESI, you'll pass the nclex.
    This is adult education, so be prepared to do lots of self-teaching and self-learning. I taught myself the whole way, pretty much. I was nights and weekends so you had to study study study since class was only once a week! Tests every 3 weeks or so.

    TxStarr--where ya going for your first clinical? Who is the instructor? Good luck! We went to some pretty shady places, believe me.
  11. by   Txstarr972
    Well....I've had my 3rd week of clinicals. I have learned a lot. The place I went to the 1st week was just gross, but the last couple werem't so bad.
    I have an A&P final the Monday after Thanksgiving and I am DONE WITH THAT CLASS!

    The next Semester that starts on Dec. 2nd. I have pharmacology and MedSurg I.

    I cannot believe I already completed my 1st semester! So exciting!
  12. by   pomegranate
    Congrats TxStarr!! I took my A&P final on Thursday & aced it, I'm happy to be going on to the next semester but also scared...I'm terrible at math and pharmacology seems like it's gonna be a killer I start clinicals next week!
  13. by   Txstarr972
    Congrats to you as well! I think I will do fine in Pharmacology. The only class that bothered me about the program was anatomy, and I made it through! I will probably end up with a B.

    Good luck on starting your clinicals, you will learn a lot. So far the staff and nurses at the clinical sites I have been to were very helpful.