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  1. Marian University ABSN Summer 2018

    Do their online prerequisites transfer to other colleges and universities?
  2. Mountain view college in DALLAS, spring 2018

    Can anyone tell us how many people did Mountain View accept?
  3. Any moms currently in the Accelerated Online BSN Program?

    I'm doing a mid school change. I won't be applying until June 2018. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me to get these prereq's out of the way. I am also an LVN.
  4. Dallas Nursing Institute Spring 2017

    Oh cool. how is it going?
  5. Pearson "trick" 2017 NCLEX RN

    It may help if people actually take the word "trick" out of the equation. The registration is pretty straight forward; if you failed you will have to re-register on the same website, regardless. If you passed, what sense does it make to allow you to ...
  6. Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    What was the message that it said once you put in the wrong expiration date? What pop-up did you get?
  7. Pearson Vue Trick did NOT work for me and I PASSED! 2017

    So did it make you pay for another exam?
  8. Anyone here attending DNI in 2016 or 2017?
  9. Chamberlain college Irving Campus(BSN)

    Ladybug993 how is everything going?
  10. Is it hard to get accepted into the program?
  11. Concorde LVN program 2016 in Arlington?

    I'm applying for the dallas campus RN program in Sep. How did you do on the TEAS?
  12. Concorde Career College Dallas - PN Program

    Did you get accepted?
  13. Concorde Career College Dallas - RN Program

    I'm having a hard time getting a straight answer on their RN program. They said they'll accept 30 people. I went home to study. A week later I called back to set my test date and was told the class was full. I guess you have to get an awesome passing...
  14. WGU Pre-Licensure Dallas, TX Jan. 2015 Co-Hort

    Lol wow. Sounds exciting. How was the nursing boot camp and does it just go over skills or what? Thanks
  15. WGU Pre-Licensure Dallas, TX Jan. 2015 Co-Hort

    Can any of you guys update us on how the weekend went?