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Hi everyone - I am new here but am starting at DNI in the night program in August. I saw some old feedback, and was wondering if anyone has some recent feedback?... Read More

  1. by   javamama73

    i'm considering din, but was wondering do hospitals hire students from regular colleges over private schools? will schools like el centro allow me to do a bridge program in the long run to rn if i have a lvn degree from din? i just don"t want to invest time and money in something that will prevent me from a getting a job because i chose a private school vs. a place like uta or tcc. any info. would be appreciated.

    p.s. is din located in a safe area of dallas??

  2. by   Txstarr972
    Once you get your LVN, you can do what is called a bridge and get your RN next. The neighborhood isn't too bad, and there is always a security guard in the parking lot when we leave at night.
  3. by   PurpleLVN
    Hi Txstarr972- I just have a few questions for you regarding DNI's tuition. I know that it's about $26,000 for the LVN-RN bridge, so how expensive is it for the LVN course? AND how is the financial aid staff? Are they successful in getting you financial aid as they say they do? This is really a great concern for me. Thanks for your input!!!
  4. by   Txstarr972
    The LVN program is $26,000. I'm not sure how much the bridge is. The financial aid staff has always been helpful. They get you any available grants/loans and work out a payment plan for whatever those 2 things do not cover, and you can spread it out into monthly payments.
  5. by   GeauxNursing
    My tuition was 18,500 in 2007-2009 lvn pogram there. Financial aid covered 90 percent of it, and I had to pay out of pocket the other 10, which ended up being close to 400/month for 10 months, so that really sucked. I didn't get grants because I already have a degree. I've been paying interest only on my loans (190/month) for 10 months now because that's all we can afford at the moment, until hubs gets a new job after graduation recently from Lincoln Tech.
    I feel like I'm going to be paying back student loans for the rest of my life between the 2 of us.
  6. by   Sugarwugga
    Hello to everyone,
    I am finally getting a chance to give you guys an update. Just finished my 3rd Semester (LVN starts in the the 3rd semester)...... I am TIRED...TIRED...AND TIRED. It has been a true culture shock for me since January 19, 2010, the first day of class. I can't say it is hard, it is just UNORGANIZED. But I must remember, this is the first class (LVN-Bridge to RN) and if anyone has ever been a part of something first it takes time to get things together. I am not here to bad mouth anything or anyone. But remember if it is in you it is in you. I love Nursing and I am not in it for the money. The instructors will not sit and hold your hand. You have to get it yourself. It is such a fast pace program, we have over 2-3 tests a week. Then we go directly into the clinical fields. We are already LVN; therefore it is expected for you to know your stuff. The school is getting new owners and there will probably be lots of changes. I am excited....to be continuing.... Well, I must go for now and will give another update after my 4th semester (May 17, 2010) began.
    Take care...Keep pressing on to do the best thing in life......PRESS ON FOR YOUR....RN.....
  7. by   boogie769
    I was scheduled to start the May class, but have put it off until the Sept class. I have a few questions. I want to get a better idea of what to expect. How have your clinicals experiences been so far? Do they have a variety of rotation sites and what is your weekly schedule like. I see they have added quite a few non nursing classes that can be taken online, which should shorten your school day. Any insight will be appreciated. Keep up the hard work!!!
  8. by   khamillt
    Oh no!!!! Orientation is tonight but i have a stomach virus! Is it mandatory that i go? I start class Tuesday.
  9. by   GeauxNursing
    yea kind of mandatory probably! hope you called the school.
  10. by   Txstarr972
    I'm not sure if it's mandatory, but I know they give you the 1st set of books and also give out your 1st reading assignment so you can be ready for class on day 1.
  11. by   texasg67
    Has anyone taken the HESI at DNI? do they allow caculators? What sections do you have to take? Im hoping to start the ADN program in Sept.
  12. by   boogie769
    They did not allow calculators when I took it in Dec not sure if that has changed. You have to take anp, vocabulary, reading, math and grammar.
  13. by   SuperGodGirl
    Suggawugga girl you are so right about DNI being disorganized..I applied for the September 7th class, only to find out that they are canceling the class. Boy was I upset because I've been calling, calling and calling, and each time I either did not get a response or somebody answered and said they were going call me back, and i never heard back from them..I never recieved a letter stating the class would be postponed or anything..So I ended up going up there myself. I am so disappointed with that school, it really turned me off..because to me there is no excuse for disorganization, and on top of that, no letters were sent or anything. Does anyone else have a comment or applied for Sept. and has not recieved a letter?The head lady in charge even showed me a letter that i personally believe she typed up while i was sitting outside waiting (15-20) min. I still have not recieved a letter of acceptance, non-acceptance,or postponement
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