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Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Excelsior for an online LVN-RN transition program.

BTW, I would really like it if this wasn't a debate about excelsior or a thread where people tried to convince me to go to Excelsior. I'm just trying to see if there are any good alternatives that I've missed.




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There are one or two such programs in Texas which you could probably find with an internet search. I can't remember their names or location. The courses are online, but you have to go to the school area to complete clinical placements. Good luck.

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Jimbalaya, track down a user named txspadequeen921 and ask her -- I think she knows about one that's not Excelsior. She's in Texas.


Ha ha, I'm kidding. :)


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LOL Lisa. There is always Indiana State, but it is for a Bachelor's not an Associate degree. http://www.indstate.edu/degreelink/lpntobs/

Ohh and you may also want to check out eLine with Delmar or TAMU. I am not sure if they have it structured for LVN to RN, but it is worth a call. And you have the ADN or BSN option. http://www.eline.tamucc.edu/index.htm

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How do I email txspadequeen921 to find out about these schools? I live and work in the houston area and traditional LVN-RN programs don't work for me. Need something online. I HAVE to work. And since I am employed, I don't qualify for money for school. Any info would be great! Thanks!

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here she is.....ok these are the ones i know about in texas

tamu- texas a&m in corpus christi - bachelors- i don't think they have a bridge program but you can do the generic program ..

indiana state university - bachelors - then only thing i dont like about this program is there is alot of extra prerequisites in my opinion. this is a lvn to rn program

i don't think these are any different than the ones others listed..

e-line - this is del mar community college- cc the last i checked they do not have a lvn to rn bridge..seems stupid i know...and so so they because i told them so . however, you can do the entire program or so i was told...lol right

there is just not enough options for lvn's in texas to bridge.

if i think of anything else i'll re-post


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Lamar University in Orange TX has an LVN-RN bridge program. I live in the houston area too and I cant get pell or that other stuff and I would have to pay as i go. I was looking at Rue or the College network. Email me and let me know how things are going for you and what you found out about any programs. ([email protected])


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College Network is actually a rip off. Really look into that one to see what other people are saying. I am starting with excelsior this month and have done alot of research about it.


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:uhoh3::uhoh3:I lived in Houston, Texas and I am with the Angelo State University Hospital Affiliate Program LVN-RN(ADN).Finished in 6 mos.as long as you pass the 3 NLN ACE II challenge exams OB/PEDS n Mental Health. Im reviewing for Mental Health at this time.The Ill take the OB/Pedi exams...More details...email [email protected]. Clinicals will be in my hometown as well. Keep in touch...


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to arlel58:

can you or someone else explain to me what challenging a test means? i am seriously looking into an online bridge program.....i'm trying to figure out my options...does anyone else have any helpful info to give me, too? like for example, can you go at your own pace? or do you have to take several classes all at once? thanks in advance 'yall....i am really at my wits end with the RN program i am in now....:crying2:


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Hello cc 79..first of all to avail the ASU Hospital affiliate program you need to be a texas resident. If you are then go to Angelo State University website search for college of nursing then click the lvn to rn transition. It wil give you the requirements and how to take the challenge tests. If you have further questions let me know...Good luck n regards..

I'm in the Houston area also looking for a LVN to RN program. I was hoping for online classes. What are the best options that anyone has found? I am reading past posts and checking out all the information shared. Thank you.


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