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Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Excelsior for an online LVN-RN transition program.

BTW, I would really like it if this wasn't a debate about excelsior or a thread where people tried to convince me to go to Excelsior. I'm just trying to see if there are any good alternatives that I've missed.



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I mentioned in my previous blog about Angelo State University about the NLN challenge tests OB, Peds n Mental Health. I changed on line school. The hospital where I am emplyed partnered with Lamar State College Port Arthur. The have online mobility LVN to RN for 15 mos. The cost is $5100 plus the next class starts on September 19. So to my co LVN's check their website now. I am hoping to be in the program by September. I am taking Nutrition this summer,wxpecting to be in the program by Sept.19. Good luck to all.

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I change school from Angelo to Lamar State College Port Arthur, TX 15 mos. for $5100 plus clinicals done locally. Check their website, Im starting the program Sept. 19.

do u know if working hours count for clinicals? or do u have to work on time off for clinical hours?

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You need to be going for clinicals outside your work schedule. Basically you are off from your regular job and work on thesame time schedule with your preceptor basically.

Did you complete San Angelos program? I was looking into it, and when I called the school i was told that in the DFW area there are no cooperating schools unless you already work for them. and in DFW VERY few LVNs work in Hospitals.

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No, it doesnt count. U need to be doing clinical days when your're off work.

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No, I did not proceed with Angelo. I am currently with Lamar State College Port Arthur. Halfway through the program Will be finishing March 24, 2013. Can't hardly wait. Good luck.

I am searching for an online LVN to RN bridge program,,,.i live in Plano Texas..does anyone have any experience or know a reliable online school that offer this option ,,thanks

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Hello Ronnegs,

I am currently enrolled with Lamar State College Port Arthur LVN-RN Mobility Nursing Program 15 mos.study. I will be finishing March 24, 2013 and graduating May 10, 2013. You can call the school or go to their website. http://www.lamarstatecollegepanursing.com

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I see all posts for Lamar State College state that this is a 15 month program. I have completed all but 6 of the BSN prerequisites. Would that shorten the length of the program or would I have to wait until the others complete theirs & start then? Also, I think my A&P I and Micro may have passed the 5 yr mark. Would I have to retake them?

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