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Texas Board of Nursing timeline for APRN license


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Hi there,

I need some information on the TX BON time line on issuing APRN license. I initially applied for a license on Sept 10 and took my boards three weeks later and passed. I currently have a job and my prospective employer is getting "Antsy". Can any one tell me from your experiences how long it took the TX BON to issue an APRN license after passing boards. Most of my classmates out of state are getting their applications processed in days why it taking TX BON "forever". Help!!! I don't want to loose my first job before I start. I called Austin but their unfriendly staffers were not that helpful..

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Time for a road trip? I have no clue other than to say that when I graduated with my RN, a classmate of mine ****** off the person processing new RN license applications at the NM BON. I got mine a day after taking the exam, it took him almost a month and had to have intervention from the dean of our school of nursing or probably still wouldn't have it! lol

Good Luck!


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Ashonman, it took 3 months for them to process my application. However, I just wanted to get a license there and was already working as a APRN in my home state. Have you checked your application status on the TX BON website? Had I done that I would have seen which items were missing and gotten it earlier. The TX BON, also responds in 24-48 hours to emails, that was how I found out I had items needed in the first place to complete my application. Like I said at the time, I just wanted the license and had no immediate plans to relocate. I would look online or email. They do not answer the phone.

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I got mine in 3 days from NM and they even called to tell me it would be posted on their website in another few days. I'm from TX and will never work there.


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I would try emailing them. I got mine from FL in 7 business days. Good luck.


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They have received my app, transcript, verification of address etc.. and the left side of the column is blue... no reds meaning they have everything they need. When I called, the "smart mouthed" attempted to explain to me the difference between "30 business days and 30 days". Which translates to 6 weeks, to me that is ridiculous, they need to find out what other states are doing and ectype. We paid our fees and if they need help, hire some one to expedite these services people are eager to go to work. it does not make any sense to graduate and in 4 weeks of passing your boards with no license and no tangible explanation as to why you don't have one. Here I am about to loose a position by the end of this week because if this and they could careless.

Get a lawyer to fast track it.

TX BON takes a while. did you send everything including your certificate w/ the expiration date on it? Did you certify mail it with return receipt? If you didn't then you should have. I had everything in by Sept 24 2014 and then I got my license w/ prescriptive authority on October 10, 2014. You just have to check the website everyday. You basically have to be on the phone for about 30 minutes before you can speak to anyone. Technically they have up to 30 business days to process your application...that means not counting the weekends.


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A very close friend passed his Pediatric NP boards the first week of October and got his license 10/31. He said it sat there for two weeks on the website showing everything being completed with no updates until yesterday.

This thread is very helpful since I will be going through the same process this December. What's a bigger pain in the bum is after you get your license you need to go through the Texas DPS, then the DEA for controlled substances.


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Still waiting on TX board of nursing to issue my license, this is just ridiculous. Now I am told not to call or email them because "that ****** them off" (I am not sure how true this is). Its almost 2 months and am still waiting and prospective employers have no time for this and so do I. I am this close applying to another state and moving there, 234 APRNs moved out of Texas in the last 2 years (TX BON website) and I wonder why! The texas BON is not friendly and the term "customer service" is not in their vocabulary. This to me is bullying, taking my application fee and not communicating to me? Where else is this done? I feel like I am in North

korea right now!


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Ashonman, any update on how long it took to get your license in Texas? I'm going through the process right now and am just curious how long it took for you when things were all said and done.


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It took almost 6.5 weeks but they later told.me they needed my undergrad transcripts that's why it took that long... its but usually takes 3 weeks.


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Thanks for replying. I'm just waiting for my final transcripts to be sent out sometime this coming week, so hopefully your timeline will be fairly accurate.

One last question, how long after you applied online were you able to check the status of your application? I applied a couple of days ago, and when I check the status it shows there are no records. I would imagine that due to it being the weekend, their system doesn't update.

I'm trying to get a feel for when I can put in my notice at my current job, and seamlessly start my NP job. Having to give 30 day notice makes it a little more difficult to forecast.


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An update for those looking for Texas APRN licensure timeline information:

Sounds like Texas is slow compared to some of the other states. My license just became official yesterday. I applied via the online application in August just after graduation. It took a week or two for my application to show up in the system. Once your application is in the system, you can check online to see what information/documents are still needed. I had all documents submitted (except my certification), including a final transcript with degree awarded, before taking the exam. I passed the exam on September 17. My certification became official on September 23 and my letter of certification was sent to the Texas BON on September 24. My letter of certification showed up as received on the board of nursing website on September 29. My license became official on October 9, 3 weeks and 1 day after passing the exam. I also know another new NP who graduated last December and received her license exactly 3 weeks after passing the exam. From what I can gather, timeframe from receipt of last document (whether certification or final transcript, etc.) to getting the license is approximately 2 weeks. However, this can vary depending on how many applications have been submitted.