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  1. Texas Board of Nursing timeline for APRN license

    It took almost 6.5 weeks but they later they needed my undergrad transcripts that's why it took that long... its but usually takes 3 weeks.
  2. Decent new grad pay

    Riburn3 you are absolutely rightmentoring is important to a new grad's growth in this profession. If you are not careful you will get caught up in trying to make a quick buck which will end up costing you in the long run.
  3. Decent new grad pay

    I guess as a new grad you take what you can get until you get you feet wet. There are other variables we will have to consider. I will probably take a 90k with good benefits over 110k with crappie benefits.
  4. Decent new grad pay

    What type specialty are you working and are you a new grad..just found out I make more as a rn than a new grad np sad but true
  5. Decent new grad pay

    My rn pay is salaried for 12 hours 3 days no overtime. It's night shift and that's by choice with very good benefits. Honestly I did not think I will get paid what I make now but I also was not expecting mid eighties either. I just want to start work...
  6. Decent new grad pay

    We all know as a new grad you sometimes do not have that much options especially in areas like Houston and Galveston. I have three job offers and can not decide on pay. One offer is from a state instution and I was so shocked. Let's say it's in mid e...
  7. A fnp as a hospitalist?

    Sauce what state do you practice in?
  8. Texas NP license

    Endorsement in Texas takes forever, I passed my boards in September, I applied for my NP license and I just got it last week. Buckle up ....give and take if you have everything they need 4 to 6 weeks. And you need a license before NPI, DPS, DEA, ETC....
  9. NP to DNP - trying to decide

    Just out of curiosity #reddgirl why is GRE a requirement unless you are applying to a BSN to DNP, the thought of taking a GRE for a post MS DNP education will just discourage me...I hated the whole GRE exam, I will take 10 NP board exams before I tak...
  10. Texas Board of Nursing timeline for APRN license

    Still waiting on TX board of nursing to issue my license, this is just ridiculous. Now I am told not to call or email them because "that ****** them off" (I am not sure how true this is). Its almost 2 months and am still waiting and prospective emplo...
  11. Prison Provider

    Very interesting. ..well I went for a second interview, toured the place and it was no different than any long acute care unit with the exception of all the prisoners wearing white. The other cool thing is the providers do not work for the prison s...
  12. Prison Provider

    Sure shadowing will be great to get a feel of what actually goes on there as a provider. From what I understand as a provider you don't go to the inmates they come to you at the clinic/hospital inside the prison. The bit of going through shake down ...
  13. Prison Provider

    I met up with an old physician friend of mine and I asked him to help me find a new grad position as a FNP. Well he promised to have a friend call me and possibly help me find a position with well known university health system. Well I did get the ca...
  14. A fnp as a hospitalist?

    Thank you globalRN for your advise and insight. I have decided not to take the position and continue looking. As much as I wanted the position, I also want to provide safe care to the patients I come into contact with. At this point in my career my p...
  15. Broke and unemployed

    Great point and I totally agree that sometimes we have to put ourselves out there.