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Tested positive for THC on pre-employment drug test

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Hello all,

about 3 weeks ago I took some CBD gummies at the local dispensary (weed in legal in Nevada) which had some THC in it. A week ago I took a pre employment drug screen and it came out positive. I didn’t know it was going to still be in my system by then. I’ve been trying to read articles and research online but it there is not a lot of RECENT information about nurses failing drug tests with THC in legal states. The hiring manager was so incredibly nice to me she told me to reapply. The drug testing company never contacted me before they sent the results to them which I’m a little upset about. I honestly thought I was in the clear. Will they report me to the BON? Will my license get dinged? I’m a new grad with less than one year experience and tried these gummies for back pain when Ibuprofen didn’t help. It was for a hospital job I currently work at a skilled nursing facility and they never drug tested me which I find odd? Any nurses have experience with this? 


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So sorry you found yourself in this predicament.  The drug screening place does NOT have to inform you before informing prospective employer.  Sucks, but true.

As for reporting you to the BON, it may be required of the employer, per your own BON guidelines.  


Do NOT talk to other nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals about any of this.  (These forums are anonymous, so that is different)

Even though marijuana is legal in many states, it is not on the federal level and most BON do NOT allow the use of it AT ALL.  

Good luck and I am sending positive vibes to you!

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RNforthecause has 10 years experience and specializes in LTC/psych.

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The exact same thing happened to me. The only difference is Nevada wasn’t my home state. I left there and went back to the south. Failed the pre employment related to gummies. I was reported to BON and received a letter for investigation. I will let you know what happens

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