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  1. KNAP

    I agree with some of this post. I was in the three year program as well. I felt as though the “new set” of leaders of it were way better than when I first started in the program. They did make a better effort to see you as a person and not just a cas...
  2. Tested positive for THC on pre-employment drug test

    You maybe should ask the hiring manager if this incident will be reported and if they say yes then self report to monitoring. Would suck if they don’t report to the BON and you self report for monitoring. Would be all for nothing. I didn’t have a law...
  3. Tested positive for THC on pre-employment drug test

    I was in this very same predicament, failed preemployment drug screen the prospective employers HR office called me and said they have to report it to BON so I self reported to KNAP (Kansas) and to the BON...Cause I was freaking out and had no idea w...
  4. Affinity and KNAP

    It will test for everything under the sun and unsure of how long it goes back Peth test and maybe that will give you more info.
  5. Affinity and KNAP

    Yes when you get a dilute i believe they will do a blood test and it will be more money. But then your next test given the blood test is negative will w back to normal urine screens
  6. Be honest or let it fly?

    I say let it ride and see what happens. You may be pleasantly surprised and pass so why stick your foot in your mouth for no reason. Just my opinion
  7. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty.....

    Oh I know how great this feels. Been there and cannot express my gratitude to be done. Glad you made it! Congrats
  8. Affinity and KNAP

    Also they can test you as many times as they want and as close together as they want. Can’t remember specifics but at one point I had been tested like 3 times in a month, but USUALLY it was once a month. But don’t bank on it being once monthly as it...
  9. Affinity and KNAP

    I did KNAP for 3 years and I made it through with flying colors had one dilute which caused me to get a blood test but that was literally cause I was hydrating and just over did it. DO NOT DRINK A DROP OF ALCOHOL. I was tempted on a few occasions to ...
  10. KNAP is D.U.M.B

    Well sorry for such a late response on this just now realized I had a reply. In my defense I self referred for a pre employment drug screen fail so I didn’t have a board order but at this time in my program I was upset that I was doing all things the...
  11. Not reporting an employer to KNAP

    Don’t risk it. I am fresh out of KNAP as of a few months ago and I can honestly say that program scared the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth right out of me. Your license is way more important than a “very PRN” job. Be honest don’t hid...
  12. It is DONE.

    Congratulations to you! I know full well how much of a bad taste these programs can leave so I too am not an advocate for it but I was once in your shoes and I now am in your shoes of freedom as well. Feels so good to just get up and go to work and n...
  13. I am DONE! Finally

    Hmmm soy sauce could of been an issue? I had no clue and had my fair share of it now and then. Glad it never became a testing issue for me!
  14. I am DONE! Finally

    Thanks Kel65. Keep on track and the 7 months will fly by. Don't let them win you can do it!
  15. I am DONE! Finally

    In my situation I was done 3 yrs after self referring, long back story on all that. But yeah 3 yrs after I entered the program I was done. I didn't have to wait for paper work, although they do send a letter of completion after the fact. You just kee...