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  1. jnks


    I had a RX for a Vistaril and My case manager told me I couldn’t take it.
  2. jnks


    VERY diversion friendly company here in Ca. Also new grad friendly. IMO they are a *** company who will hire any warm body. Had a nurse who was dangerous (Not due to drugs, she was just an idiot) and it took A LOT For them to finally let her go. The pay is ***. I was not on diversion when I worked there and I was making what I started out as a new grad 12 years prior. But desperate times call for desperate measures. I Am told Fresenius pays slightly more. It was the hardest I ever worked for the least money but I may end up back there if I can’t find someone else who will hire me. I just got my work privileges back. Also I think some clinic locations are probably not be as short staffed as mine was so bear that in mind.
  3. I would not self report! At least in California it doesn’t really make any difference if you’re self referred or board referred. I would either ask HR or just cross my fingers. Since they told you to reapply, that sounds good. I mean, I actually got fired once for diverting narcotics and was NOT reported. They told me they would not report me to police or BRN. Then got fired from a hospital for refusing a drug screen due to suspicion and again was not reported. I realize this is making me sound terrible but I was deep in addiction. I finally did get reported which likely saved my life and I needed board intervention to stop. I tried rehabs, meds etc on my own. But if you are not an addict, I would NOT self report. Most likely you’ll be fine. It sounds like you have a good rapport with your HR contact, so maybe ask her if they’re reporting you if you can’t live with the suspense.
  4. jnks

    Possible Jobs for new grad with probation?

    I know a recent new grad on probation who got a job for an adult day care center. Also, I’m pretty sure DaVita would hire you. They hire new grads and diversion/probation nurses so maybe they’d go for both. I worked there and I hated it. Seems they will hire anybody. Also, if you are willing to relocate, rural hospitals would likely hire you. I knew a new grad on probation for an old dui who got work at the hospital in Joshua Tree on med surg and then moved into the ER.
  5. jnks

    Relapsed during furlough on suboxone now

    I’m in California and have gotten several jobs on Suboxone maintenance. I’ve never heard of a pre-employment screen testing for Buprenorphine. It does not come up as an opiate. I don’t know about the laws on the matter but it shouldn’t cause you to test positive.
  6. I live in California. I was fired at the end of October, 2018. My managers weren’t very clear about if they were going to report me or not. I got another job and have been saving as much money as I can in fear that the board will suspend my license at some point in the near future. I’m just wondering how long it took from you getting terminated and the board contacting you. Please answer from any state, but especially California. This would be immensely helpful!!! I am filled with panic and dread every time I check the mail and just wonder how long this process could take. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  7. jnks

    Surgery while on Diversion?

    After being out too many times due to throat infections and URIs, my ENT recommended I schedule a tonsillectomy. I am going to wait until after the new year since the holidays are busy at work. I read online that this is very painful and will likely require narcotics. Part of me wants to wait until I'm off diversion to avoid the hassle. Will the DEC give a hard time about this? I will complete diversion in March. On the other hand if I schedule surgery in January, I will have the accountability of the program. I am also honestly terrified of telling my dr that I'm in this program. Any thoughts on this?
  8. jnks

    Meetings for the rest of my life?

    That's good to hear. I've been hearing the "you need to do meetings for the rest of your life or die!" a little much lately. I have been disillusioned w/ the program, in part d/t many of the still dysfunctional people who justify behaviors I don't want any part of with "hey, but I'm sober." What is women for sobriety?
  9. I really don't want to come off as a whiner, but I just needed to get this out there and get some feedback. I have been in and out of recovery since 1999, w/ 3 periods of somewhat significant sobriety. In 99, I got 6 months, to step 3 (in NA), and relapsed, starting w/ ETOH. In 2001, I got clean again for almost 6 yrs and relapsed. I became really bitter and hardened and got pretty beat up by my lifestyle. After many attempts and finally the BRN's help, I got clean again, going on a year. I am up to step 10 w/ my AA sponsor, attend AA/NA as well as nurse support group and another weekly support group. I did 2 months inpatient and 2 months IOP. Of course my enthusiasm for the program fluctuates, but I can't shake the feeling that I don't see myself continuing meetings, etc after diversion. I never want to use or drink again, but don't think I'll be able to sustain my AA program on my own if I still feel this way in 2-3 more years when I am out of Diversion. Has anyone else felt this way or does anyone have any advice or opinions on this they'd be willing to share? I just don't have the passion I had for the program in my previous attempts at sobriety.
  10. jnks

    First Lab Testing While on Vacation?

    You need to get more clarity from your case manager. Here in California, there are nurses in "Diversion" or "Probation." The Probation nurses have it a little easier. They can and do get tested on vacation, and need to set up sites where they will be ahead of time with First Lab. I know of one Probation nurse who was able to have here testing excused by her CM for a week while she was on vacation. For Diversion, which is stricter, there are no excuses, no exceptions. I had the opportunity to go on an all-expenses paid cruise to Alaska, but can't because I obviously can't test on the boat. I'm going to visit family in another state, and if I have to test there, I will have to drive an hour to the site. It's a pain. I would be surprised if Firstlab has an authorized site in Jamaica. If you have testing excused for that period, clarify this absolutely and get it in writing.
  11. jnks

    Can they do this?

    According to what you are saying, this seems terrible. I don't think I'd want to work for this place even if I had the option. However, you say you were already fired and reported from another job for suspicion of diverting in March, and now are in this trouble already? That is a major red flag. I was impaired and diverting for a long time at work. I thought because I could cheat the urine tests, and their was no smoking gun w/ diverting, I could keep slipping through the cracks. Eventually, they lumped some b.s. together and fired/reported me. I requested to drug test and THEY refused. I was guilty, and they knew it, even though they couldn't prove it. I volunteered from Diversion and that has been the only thing that has been able to help me stay clean and sober. Along with your medical issue, you mention cutting your hair is against your religion. I wonder why you didn't mention this earlier on in the posts, as this is a pretty huge reason to refuse the test. From what I understand, hair tests don't go back "10 years" or whatever, just 90 days. I believe only the 3cm closest to the root is looked at in head hair, as the hair degrades beyond reliability after that point. And yes, body hair is routinely used; usually in men who shave their heads. This situation sucks, but since you already have a complaint pending from a previous job, DO A HAIR TEST NOW so you have that documented. Use body hair if need be. Even if you get a lawyer and fight it, these two things together are a major red flag, implying guilt. This is terrible road to go down if you can avoid it. If you don't have anything to hide, I think there would be more anguish fighting the board than losing some hair.
  12. jnks

    Hair testing in Diversion

    I have been in the diversion program in CA for about a few months now, and recently the topic of hair testing was brought up. It is in my contract that I may have to do that, but I heard its pretty expensive. I have just done urine testing, which runs about $60, not including collection fees. Does anyone know how much the hair tests usually run? Also, what circumstances do they use this method of testing for? I was thinking maybe they do that if low creatinine or dilution of some kind comes into question. That is just a guess though. Just curious if anyone knows more about this. Thanks.
  13. jnks

    ADD meds while on diversion?

    I have been previously diagnosed w/ add but do not take any medication currently for it. I have been on strattera (a non-amphetamine med) which did nothing for me. I am thinking about going back to school while my license is inactive and would like to get on a medication. I am wondering about taking an amphetamine-based med while on diversion. I am scared to even bring it up to my case mgr. Does anyone have experience w/ this type of thing or any ideas about what to do?
  14. jnks

    Medical Marijuana and nursing

    I don't know the facts on marijuana cards and ADA, but even in California it is still kind of a grey area. Always better to be on the safe side.
  15. jnks

    Treated any differently for street drugs?

    Thank you for posting. I have a vey similar story. I used lots of street drugs, got clean in NA and became a nurse. After I relapsed was when I started using IV. I was primarily a heroin addict, but also shot meth coke and lots of dilaudid. I am open about my story with others in AA/NA, but not with my diversion program. I said my drug of choice was alcohol and I abused Rx drugs as well. That is true, just not the whole truth. I share about alcohol and "using other drugs" in a general way in my nurse group. Almost all are there for ETOH or Rx drugs, and 2 for meth. I think a lot of them wouldn't judge me, but I've found many times that people react differently to IV drug users and ESPECIALLY heroin addicts. I am more open about the dirty details with those I feel safe with. The hypocricy of it infuriates me though. A drug is a drug is a drug. People addicted to oxy, fentanyl, dilaudid, etc are no better than those addicted to heroin.
  16. Thanks for responding. I did speak w/ my boss briefly over the phone. I didn't have to say much, she already had the paperwork and she just told me I had to take care of myself before I could take care of anyone else and to let her know as far in advance as I could if I need an extension. I am starting to feel better, just defeated that this problem is kicking my butt. I complain about my job, but I love it and feel a sense of purpose. I am worried about going back to the 12hr shifts and/or night shifts. I know it would be healthier for me to work 8hr shifts or something less stress. I work in neuro/trauma and its hard work. Has anyone ever switched depts in the same hospital? I don't even know if its an option for me, but would like something less stress like pre-op or something.

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