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  1. 2 nurses at my work are in disagreement on what day we dispose of a med that expires Jan/2022. One says it expires Jan 1st and we can only give it through Dec 31/2021. The other says it’s good to give through the last day in January and we dispose of...
  2. California Nurses

    I wouldn’t contact the BRN, wait till they send you a letter. It doesn’t really work in your favor whether you contact them first or not. This buys you more time to figure things out, but do what you think is best, of course. Even if you start out ...
  3. California Nurses

    Something to think about… Diversion is a voluntary program for nurses with substance abuse or other mental illness. I have seen them turn people down who formally request enrollment in Diversion but state they are there for one bad occurrence and do ...
  4. Hello my name is Luisa I have a couple questions regarding the diversion program. This is my email luisareyes25@Yahoo.com

  5. California Nurses

    I’m in Cal on Diversion, 2 years in. It’s actually my second time in Diversion. I was in 2010-2014 and ended up relapsing after I completed. So I do have a good bit of experience with the program. HMU with any questions etc.
  6. I’m in that kind of program in Cal. No board action or flags on my license but we still have to disclose to the people hiring because they will need to assist with setting up worksite monitor. As for gaps, it doesn’t sound like you have anything to w...
  7. Average nurse/patient ratio?

    Also I’m Cal but at a PEC. 1:4 here.
  8. Understaffed and feeling unsafe

    I am in California
  9. I work for a big for profit company that contracts with county mental health services. So of course they skimp on worker/patient safety in the name of the almighty dollar. my job is in a crisis center that also serves as a hub for finding b...
  10. That’s true, I guess “small talk” made me think of talking to strangers/pts not coworkers, but for someone really antisocial, I guess they may not want to talk to their coworkers either!
  11. Double the trouble

    A lot of this actually makes some sense to me... holding onto the pills can prove she didn’t sell them... testing positive upon entering treatment is usually necessary if you want your health insurance to pay for it... I am dual-diagnosed (pretty...
  12. Job interview...

    I have an interview with an endoscopy center coming up. My MO is to not mention my monitoring program until the end of the interview or shortly thereafter. I know the details of my complaint are confidential with Maximus Diversion, but what is the be...
  13. Hair test

    My initial test with the program was a hair test (In which they don’t care if was a dirty result, they do it as a “baseline.”) I would strongly advise you don’t shave! I did only admit to heroin on my intake and I’m sure my test popped for methamphet...
  14. Who is a forensic nurse

    SANE nurses in Cal at least are mostly certified in adults and peds. In addition, At my hospital we also covered physical assaults and abuse, which isn’t always the case with many places. My typical day was a 12 hour shift where I hung out in a priva...
  15. Vistaril

    Obviously, surgery is an exception to the rule. It does really suck though. Just because we can’t take things routinely, even with a RX, doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions, like surgery or an emergency. You can take narcs etc as prescribed in thos...