Tested Positive For THC Pre-Employment Drug Test

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Tested Positive For THC Pre-Employment Drug Test

About 3 weeks ago, I took some CBD gummies at the local dispensary (weed in legal in Nevada) which had some THC in it. A week ago, I took a pre employment drug screen and it came out positive.

I didn't know it was going to still be in my system by then. I've been trying to read articles and research online but there is not a lot of RECENT information about nurses failing drug tests with THC in legal states.

The hiring manager was so incredibly nice to me she told me to reapply. The drug testing company never contacted me before they sent the results to them which I'm a little upset about.

I honestly thought I was in the clear.

Will they report me to the BON?

Will my license get dinged?

I'm a new grad with less than one year experience and tried these gummies for back pain when Ibuprofen didn't help. It was for a hospital job I currently work at a skilled nursing facility and they never drug tested me which I find odd?

Any nurses have experience with this?

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rn1965, ADN

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So sorry you found yourself in this predicament. The drug screening place does NOT have to inform you before informing prospective employer. Sucks, but true.

As for reporting you to the BON, it may be required of the employer, per your own BON guidelines.


Do NOT talk to other nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals about any of this. (These forums are anonymous, so that is different)

Even though marijuana is legal in many states, it is not on the federal level and most BON do NOT allow the use of it AT ALL.

Good luck and I am sending positive vibes to you!

907_rn, RN

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Hey there, so my timeline was:

Jan 17th: positive test

Jan 28th: terminated from agency (confirmation apparently takes a week???)

Feb 22nd: notice from BON to my agency that my charges were dropped and no investigation was necessary. Same day I was rehired under the agency and the next week I started back at the facility. 

I was relieved this is how my situation went. I, too, was not practice and at home (another legal state) for Winter break, so maybe that helped? I'm not sure. It sounds to me like the benzo's might be the issue. As far as the investigation, I was told they would be sending a letter (snail mail) to my house, but this was prior to my case being dropped. The BON won't talk details until you've gotten that letter. Definitely do research and talk to several attorneys. You want a good one, who won't make you sound like an addict. I wouldn't apply to a new state as if this investigation goes through it affects all of them. It's a terrible situation, so I really hope you come out on top of it! 


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I just wanted to leave my personal update on my debacle since I know people rarely leave their "end result". After I moved from my home state that I had been living in for over 30 years to a different state to "decrease my stress", I had just been reported to the BON with a state I had just accepted a travel assignment to and had never worked in. It was well over 8 months or more before my attorney came to an agreement with the BON I was reported to, for a non-disciplinary agreement.  I have to check in daily and provide UDS' on any given day, paid for by me out of pocket and needed to notify any other state I held active license(s) in of this. Needless to say, it was hard to find places that I could provide UDS' on any given day living in the rural area of the state I had just moved to and living in for close to a year.  So, 6 months ago I moved AGAIN to the state I got reported to since I have a family member here. It had been well over a year since I had worked as a nurse and after finally finding a job here (and the interview went well and I was fully transparent about my situation), I was offered a position back in my specialty and FINALLY able to be a nurse again. What I didn't foresee was something I had heard about but never experienced: lateral violence in healthcare. Basically I got bullied, made to feel incompetent, never really given a chance (in my opinion) and the facilities culture of this is something that I'm still trying to process. My first week on the floor the unit manager who had hired me and worked there for over 20 years, went in to work one day and told her position was eliminated with no notice (which says a lot about to me about how this hospital treated it's employees). So before my new hire probationary period was over, I was told it wasn't going to work out and my option was to quit, or resign. So I resigned. There's soooo many more examples I could give as to what was done, said and how I was treated, but that in itself is a whole different traumatic, demoralizing experience.  Am now jobless again, checking in every day and in desperate need of an income. With all that said, all the stress, money, worrying and dealing with everything since the day I got the call from the MRO before I was to start my travel assignment (and all the rest of the life drama I had to deal with)....wasn't something I could avoid. What I could have avoided was not forgetting I worked my butt off to become a nurse, held to a higher standard with my license with the dept of health and could have not made a dumb mistake to put myself in this position that led me here. Currently just trying to stay positive and work on being mindful of being mindful (which is actually not an easy thing to do LOL). So for anyone else who isn't perfect, has made mistakes like I have, is sacrificing and/or suffering because of it...everything will work out the way it's supposed to. This was a really hard, mentally/emotionally taxing and expensive reminder to myself (still ongoing), that I can only roll with the outcomes. 


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The exact same thing happened to me. The only difference is Nevada wasn't my home state. I left there and went back to the south. Failed the pre employment related to gummies. I was reported to BON and received a letter for investigation. I will let you know what happens

Short LPN

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I was in this very same predicament, failed preemployment drug screen the prospective employers HR office called me and said they have to report it to BON so I self reported to KNAP (Kansas) and to the BON...Cause I was freaking out and had no idea what to do and the BON is who actually told me to self refer... started my monitoring and ohh approx 12 months later unsure of exact time frame got a letter for BON that they had been notified of my failed urine screen and to continue my monitoring which I did and finally 3 years after that I was done and completed and no dings on my license what so ever.

Short LPN

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You maybe should ask the hiring manager if this incident will be reported and if they say yes then self report to monitoring. Would suck if they don’t report to the BON and you self report for monitoring. Would be all for nothing. I didn’t have a lawyer looking back on it now I should of fought it with one but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing nor did I know what kind of hell of a monitoring system I was getting myself into.


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I would not self report! At least in California it doesn’t really make any difference if you’re self referred or board referred. I would either ask HR or just cross my fingers. Since they told you to reapply, that sounds good. I mean, I actually got fired once for diverting narcotics and was NOT reported. They told me they would not report me to police or BRN. Then got fired from a hospital for refusing a drug screen due to suspicion and again was not reported. I realize this is making me sound terrible but I was deep in addiction. I finally did get reported which likely saved my life and I needed board intervention to stop. I tried rehabs, meds etc on my own. But if you are not an addict, I would NOT self report. Most likely you’ll be fine. It sounds like you have a good rapport with your HR contact, so maybe ask her if they’re reporting you if you can’t live with the suspense.


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On 2/24/2020 at 5:50 PM, RNforthecause said:

The exact same thing happened to me. The only difference is Nevada wasn’t my home state. I left there and went back to the south. Failed the pre employment related to gummies. I was reported to BON and received a letter for investigation. I will let you know what happens

So what happened?

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Get a good lawyer and fight like hell. Cannabis should not be treated any differently than having a glass of wine!

907_rn, RN

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Planning on fighting that good fight with the best lawyer I can get! 

I passed my agencies drug test 1/6/21, partook 1/8/21, and subsequently had a preemployment that wasn’t relayed to my by said agency on 1/18, test was positive, took another test 2/1 and it was negative. I’m hoping I have some fight with this info. 


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I ended up with a public reprimand. My lawyer basically stole my money and tried to charge me again for a trial so I took the offer, which was a reprimand. I am Still travel nursing. 

KyBeagle, ASN

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@Stainahb @RNforthecause 

 I'm thankful to see 2 nurses who didn't NEED a disciplinary or ATD program escape this punishment. Too many times I've come across stories like both yours on this forum, and seen nurses trapped into 3-5 year contracts that they didn't deserve. 

Mainly, though, I just want to thank you both for giving updates. I used to be on this forum quite often, back when I was in my state's 5 year ATD program (which I DID deserve). It can be SO frustrating to come across posts where the OP asked a question but never returned to give an update. In this circumstance, not just ONE but BOTH of you returned a year later with updates on your individual situations. That's wonderful! Just letting you know that's very much appreciated! I'm sorry that you got a public reprimand @RNforthecause but I'm glad you're both otherwise unscathed.

Best Wishes! 

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