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rockchickrn has 27 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Psych.

Currently in RN to BSN program at Aspen university

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  1. Federal Marijuana Ban Lift Effects on Nursing

    Yes. These laws are asinine
  2. Aspen University

    I haven’t taken it yet but will soon. Three classes and I am done!
  3. Tested positive for THC on pre-employment drug test

    The criminalization of cannabis is a bunch of BS in my opinion. Pay for a good lawyer and fight this like hell! Good luck and positive energy to you.
  4. Neuro Protocols

    I like Clear Triage. It is a Triage program that we use wear I work. Lots of protocols
  5. I love working from home! I do telephone triage for a medical practice from home. It’s great.
  6. Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    Gina424 those are really good points. I do feel that Vanderbilt is partially culpable also.....
  7. Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    You are very right. As a nurse I was first in line to get the vaccine and felt it was part of my duty to protect patients.
  8. FDA Warns Against Nitrite “Poppers”

    Why are these things even legal? Sounds dangerous……
  9. I do telephone triage out of my home for a Dr. office and love it! You do need some experience though.
  10. Type C

    Very well put. When dealing with non compliant or “difficult” pts I try to empathize and I wonder what their story is. We all have a story……
  11. My voluntary alcohol detox was reported to the board..?

    Boy, what a bunch of BS. I would get an attorney and fight like hell.
  12. Patient Refusing Unvaccinated RN

    I think the pt. wife has the right y to request a nurse that has been vaccinated to care got her compromised husband. Just my opinion.
  13. Radonda Vaught Fatal Error Case Timeline

    This is a tragic case. The nurse bypassed important safety checks and this resulted in tragedy, she should lose her license, however I feel that ch as thing her criminally sets a scary precedent for us all. I hope she is not convicted. Just my opini...
  14. Student with ADHD

    Hi, RN for 26 years. I have ADD. I find that I can get a little overwhelmed at times.
  15. Tested positive for THC on pre-employment drug test

    The criminalization of cannabis is crazy. Many states are now legal, including my own state. If someone is not going to work or driving under the influence, it shouldn't matter. I'll get off my soapbox now.