Tarrant County College ADN Program Spring 2009!


Hey everyone!!! I just got accepted into the TCC program for the spring in 2009 and I am hoping someone else from TCC will find me on here that I can be excited with! If anyone has any suggestions for nursing school, PLEASE post it on here... I need all the help I can get! :yeah:


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Congrats on your acceptance.

I am just finishing up my first semester and WHOA has it been a busy one. Your life will never be the same, but in a GOOD way. NS (nursing school) is unlike any other schooling you'll have experienced. It is hard, challenging, time consuming, demanding, exhausting, but ENTIRELY worth it.

My advice for the new SN (student nurses) coming into the program is this: ENJOY your holiday(s). Don't worry to much about NS until the beginning of January. There isn't much you can do to prep for NS. Sure there are some chapters to read over, some math to brush up on, and school/nursing supplies to purchase; but honestly there won't be much going on til about the 2nd-3rd week of school. Honestly, enjoy your holiday and know that NS is awaiting you in January. Also, one last piece of advice: there is safety in numbers!!! EMBRACE your clinical peers. Mine have been a blessing. We meet weekly, outside of class, for study sessions (we study for exams, skills check-offs, clinical skills/math). We also spilt the objectives for our exams and then share our notes w/ the group. These individuals will become a family to you, EMBRACE them!!!!

Enjoy your camp success day on the 5th! Congrats again and welcome class of December 2010!!!

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Good luck to you! I know you will do well.

I plan on applying to TCC & WC next Fall.


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YAY for you! Oh how exciting! I will be starting in the same class as you and I'm SO excited I can hardly see straight! My future mom-inlaw purchased a stethoscope for my xmas present. Did you just find out today? I know my fiance called me at work and I started crying haha. I'm sure there will be nights where I'm crying from the stress but I'm looking forward to it!

BIG congrats again! :yeah:

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I second what Camdfw said.

I am not at TCC, but I am 9 months away from finishing my program, and she is right, it is an exciting ride! Exciting, terrifying, eye opening....all of it! You will learn so much about yourself and do things you never thought you would be able to do. For me, nursing school is one of the hardest things I've ever done. But I have seen myself grow so much because of it.

ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAYS AND REST UP!! You will be glad you did. Try to make friends/contacts early on. They will be your support system and vice versa. Keep your chin up, study hard, take time for yourself, and just when you feel like you can't do it anymore, know that there are others who have done it before you and there IS a light at the end of the tunnel!!

Congrats to you and to all of you who were just accepted!! I'll see ya on the floor one day! :):D


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How awesome! I could not be more excited!!! When I got the letter I opened it and CRIED for about an hour of pure happiness!!! Are you going to the orientation on Friday? If so, we should try to meet up and meet other people so that we can try and secure a study group!

Congratulations to you!!!!:nurse:


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I've also been accepted; it was such a relief to see that large envelope in the mailbox. My mom was so excited she wrote it on the bulletin board at the school she works at.

I would like to meet up too. I travel from close to the NW campus so I'll probably be there really early to avoid the morning rush hour.


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That sounds great! I would love to meet up. I knew that if it was a large envelope I would be in the clear, so I definitely know what you mean, it being such a relief! I live by the northeast campus so I will also be there early. Let me know where you would like to meet up!


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hey guys! I live in an apt cmoplex off of western center/I-35/820, so I'll definitely be there early too! I know I'm going to have to move tot he south side of loop 820 or there will be many mornings of cursing I-35 traffic :chuckle

Where are you guys wanting to meet up? Are you as excited as I am about Friday? Oh yea, my name is Samantha btw!


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Hi, Samantha!! I am Kristen Right now I live in Colleyville, about 30 minutes away from the school so I DEFINITELY know what you mean, wanting to move closer to the campus! Dang early morning traffic. There is a coffee shop on campus, would you all be interested in meeting there before going to the rotunda? If not there, is there anywhere else you would rather meet?


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the coffee shop by the bookstore? That sounds great! What time are you wanting to meet up?


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I too was accepted into the TCC nursing program for this spring. Congrats to all of you that made it in :yeah:and good luck to those of you that are waiting to apply. I must admit, i'm a little nervous about this whole thing. It has been such a long time coming, it's kinda strange to accept that it is finally happening.

I'm excited to go to Camp Success on Friday, although, i'm already dreading spending such a long day there.

I'll probably be there pretty early too, i'm coming from Mansfield (not too far) but i just know i'll get stuck in traffic with the luck that I have.

See you all there, and i wish you all success.

We're gonna be NURSES!!!:D

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