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taking nclex RN in two weeks


the time is finally here and I am taking it july 17th....SERIOUSLY nervous as heck. I have been slacking the past two weeks but I am full swing now. I am doing the Kaplan qbank questions now & the select all that apply are killing me...they are my biggest downfall!! any advice?!

Hey there!! I'm taking mine on the 15th!!! I slacked for a couple weeks, too. Huhuhu I'm so nervous!

I was taught to approach SATA questions as True/False.

Take it one possible answer at a time. Select it if you believe the statement is true and leave it alone if you think it is false. Don't go back after you make your decision...your first answer is probably the right answer.

I don't think any of us like those nasty SATA :yuck:...but they are do-able. Good Luck! Hope this helps a little.


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Taking mine the 17th too!!! 😊

Taking mine on the 17th. The review my school had us take was the Hurst Review. Hope it works. I'm getting so nervous. It's going to be so humiliating to have to tell my boss I failed.

hey i am taking mine on july 15th im hella nervous too im doing kaplan qbank right and random practice questions online. SATA are my downfall too!! but if u have lacharity practice those from there and kaplan has SATA also. GOOD LUCK believe in urself and have faith in god ... thank god before waking up n going to bed that u have passed ur exam !!! :) positive attraction works believe me . u can do it be positive :)

thanks everyone! good luck to all of y'all too :)

I was taught the same true/false approach as RN403 mentioned...I took my test a week ago and probably had 10 SATA questions and still passed in 75. Remember that 15 of the first 75 questions do not count, they are questions being tested out for future years- therefore if you get 10 SATA questions during the first 75 only 1 of them may count, therefore try not to focus on any one type of question too much!

CTnewgrad, I'm not sure what you said about the first 15 questions on the NCLEX don't count is accurate. I think that there are questions within the exam that won't count towards your score (as they are used for research) but it is most definitely NOT the first 15 questions asked- they are randomly placed throughout the exam and we won't know which questions they are.

Hi Nurse2beMN to clarify the 15 questions are anywhere within the first 75 questions, not the first 15 questions of the exam- sorry for the confusion!

I am taking mine 14th,good luck to you all!!!God bless all of us :)

Haha! I think I just read your post wrong :down:. Didn't want anyone getting the idea that the first 15 questions don't count.... now that would be a big woopsie ;)!

Hahah yeah treat every question like they count. You won't be able to tell which ones are the test questions! 😊