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  1. kynthiamoon

    taking nclex RN in two weeks

    Taking mine on the 17th. The review my school had us take was the Hurst Review. Hope it works. I'm getting so nervous. It's going to be so humiliating to have to tell my boss I failed.
  2. kynthiamoon

    Study Guide Answers

    Okay. I have other workbooks that have the answers in the back. I just assumed they all had them. lol. I was aggravated after I did the first chapter and couldn't find the answers. I'll try that. I'll ask the teacher I had last time. Maybe she has it. Thanks!
  3. kynthiamoon

    Study Guide Answers

    I'm restarting Nursing school in January. I bought Introduction to Clinical Pharmacology, by Edmonds 7th edition. I bought the textbook and workbook. But the workbook doesn't have the answers in the back! I was wondering if anyone had them. Thanks.
  4. kynthiamoon

    Anyone have a Thinklabs electronic stethoscope?

    @PedsAPN, I am currently a nursing student and use one of the cheap stethoscopes. My brother was asking me about nursing school because he thinks he might like to try it. He wears the digital behind the ears HA's also. I hadn't thought of the electronic stethoscope for him because of the type of hearing aids he wears. I'd be interested in the replies you get. Also did your hearing/need for HA's give you problems when applying for school. Thanks!
  5. kynthiamoon


    Thanks again for the response. I'm glad to know ATI is taken everywhere and not just something my school added at the last minute, lol. I am at the beginning of nursing school and I'm only a few weeks in. There are so many tests! But if they help me study and know where I'm at in regard to the NCLEX then I guess it has to be worth it. All these tests make my anxiety go into over drive, but I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new. It's something we all have to go through to get to where we want to be. Thanks for being here for a newbie! good night
  6. kynthiamoon


    Thank you for the responses. They didn't say we were getting books just that we'll be taking the test. We're taking two tests this semester and we pay at the time ofthe test. I'll be looking for the books! We take test day after tomorrow. I hope I do well, lol. Thank you again! Maria
  7. kynthiamoon


    hi i'm new to the site. i'm in the first semester of an adn program. tuesday we are taking an ati test. found out it's going to be $130 to take the test. all i know about the test is that it will show what areas i'm weak in and that there's no way to really study for the test. it sounds a bit like achievement testing. besides that i'm not really sure what it's about. has anyone taken this test? the price seems high to me also for a test but i guess everything in school is high anyway. i think we take another test at the end of the semester. i'm really nervous about this test. thanks