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  1. badgirl

    I finally passed NCLEX!

    Congrats!!! I took mine 22 nov and I passed with 75 question :)
  2. badgirl

    Finally passed nclex

    Hello friends, I am multiple test taker and passed this time with 75 question!!! I got more then 40 SATA question, 7 EKG, 2 math, 2 drag and drop, 2 picture and rest who do you see first. I also got conference and in service education question!! This time I was not nervous at all!! I didn't focus on time just focus on question on screen!! Computer shut off at 75 and I was like shocked!!! I did pvt and it took me cc page but I didn't enter my card number!!! After 48 hrs I paid 7.95 and saw that I pass!!! I just wanna say all nurses who already took nclex many times please don't give up you can do it!!! If anyone needs anything just write your email address,I am happy to help!!! God bless all of you!!! Happy Thanks giving to all awesome nurses !!!!
  3. badgirl

    Hurst online review help please

    My Hurst online review is going to expire soon.I failed once after joining this course.Do they extend my course without additional fee? I am international graduated nurse. Thank you
  4. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    It's already been 4 weeks but no ATT yet.I called BON every week,last time they told me to wait 4 weeks....should I called them (New York Board) again?
  5. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    @CT pixie,Yes I have to wait 45 days to retake my exam,i just need to register pearson vue but I don't need to reapply my NYBON every time I failed Did you pass your exam?
  6. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    I called my NY BON,they said application is valid for 5 years so don't need to reapply now,according to them I just have to wait ATT and retake exam!!! Finally got relief Thank you all for your help :)
  7. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    that means we need to reapply each time if we failed right? oh my god,it will take long time...my anxiety level going up
  8. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    @NightCrow.....did you get your ATT earlier then expected???? or you already passed??
  9. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    @JustBeachyNurse....are you applying NYBON? I don't think we need to reapply NY BON everytime if we fail,I called pearson and they said I don;t need to call or reapply BON because I still got validity with NY BON,they just ask me to wait 4 to 6 weeks for ATT,I failed twice and didn't apply BON just paid fee with pearson for ATT,I used to get ATT within week,I will wait one more week Thank you for your reply
  10. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    @JustBeachyNurse...I register with Pearson not BON, I applied New York Board last year,I heard that we can give exam until pass in New York Board,do i need to reapply NY BON? please help me You are so helpful...I saw your many posts thank you so much
  11. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    @Jdl1982,I called Pearson and they said it takes 4 to 6 weeks to get my ATT, everytime different rule,I got my previous ATT within 5,6 days, thank you dear for your reply
  12. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    Thank you so much, last time I got ATT within 3 days but this time it's already been more than 1 week, every time they changed rule... I will call them
  13. badgirl

    haven't got ATT

    I failed NCLEX RN last week,I paid for another exam on 16th but haven't got my ATT yet,my board is New York , I don't know how long does it takes... could you please help me?? I am so worried thank you so much
  14. badgirl

    Conference call study buddies session 2

    I want to join as well,@ mona did you get your ATT?
  15. badgirl


    congrats dear!!! good luck ahead!!!
  16. badgirl

    Got the Dreaded "On Hold" Popup...

    @audreyjammRn,I am so sorry to hear that,I failed as well, who got hold status last week many of them failed,don't give up we are with you God bless you for next time