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  1. I am a nurse new to home health visits (but not HH, as I worked private duty/shift work in the home) ALL of the HH nurses I observed while precepting did not wash their hands with soap and water. They just used hand sanitizer. In facilities and in PDN we are taught to wash our hands at start of care and after using hand sanitizer three times. But HH nurses use sanitizer all of the time. When I work in the home as a Pdn, I ALWAYS washed my hands and use hand sanitizer if needed. What prevents HH nurses from washing their hands? We could carry soap and paper towels. Most people in my area have running water. I am genuinely curious if other HH nurses wash their hands in the patient's home using soap and water?
  2. rnintrouble

    Hand Sanitizer and Asthma

    I am a nurse of twenty-four years. I have worked in medical, pediatrics, NICU, and am now working in hemodialysis. I have recently developed workplace induced irritable larynx syndrome. When I am exposed to the hand sanitizer, even if someone uses it ten feet away I become wheezy, have a coughing fit and become very short of breath. This episode then seems to trigger my asthma and I remain short of breath for over a week following the exposure. I am trying to think of a place in nursing that I could work and not be exposed to the hand sanitizer. Does anyone have any ideas? To make it more complicated I can't go into people's homes that have cats. I am very allergic to them and go asthmatic instantly. Has anyone out there had this same issue with the hand sanitizer? I love nursing and would like to continue with it but as you see I face a bit of a dilemma! Thanks for your help
  3. Someone was arrested at our local hospital for trying to walk out with several boxes of supplies (masks, gloves) and refusing to give them back when an employee called them out. Meanwhile, our local big box store "greeters" have been retasked with checking people's receipts to ensure they aren't stealing toilet paper, the most highly sought-after treasure (following masks, apparently).
  4. SchoolNurse91

    Stolen supplies

    Come to my office to find out that my hand sanitizer, masks, and cavi wipes all taken!! Why?! I'm out of hand sanitizer. I have no back up left. Thanks guys 😩😡
  5. svetlana36

    Alcohol free hand sanitizer

    Hello all! I am about to start working on a med/surg unit this week. I am concerned about the frequency with which I will be expected to use the alcohol based foam for hand hygiene. The facility does not want nurses to use hand sanitizers not provided by or approved by them. I am just curious what other people are doing. Do you wash your hands with soap and water each time in place of the alcohol based product? Or has anyone had any luck getting a non alcohol based product approved? Any insight would be appreciated.
  6. ama3t

    Allergic to hand sanitizer

    I'm not sure what to do! I have a history of contact allergies but had been doing pretty good since I had allergy testing and was avoiding allergens. But I just graduated nursing school and started working in a hospital in February. It takes awhile for the allergens to really get to me, plus I had had a steroid shot in late February, so I had developed a false sense of security that the hand sanitizer was going to be OK even though my dermatologist and I worried it would be an issue. I hadn't said anything about the allergies to work because for some reason I thought it wasn't going to be an issue as I had gone months without breaking out. Well today I woke up with my hands so swollen and cracking and broke out I can barely move my fingers. I went to the dermatologist and got a steroid shot but she says she's positive its the hand sanitizer and I can't use it. First off, I guess I'm going to have to call out my whole three shifts for this week which I don't even have enough PTO for and I feel like makes me look horrible as a new employee. Also, wth can I do about the hand sanitizer issue. My dermatologist is going to look for a santizer I can use, but in the meantime? I have no idea what to do or if we are even allowed to use a different one than they supply. I emailed my manager explaining everything but I don't know what to do. I cried my eyes out this morning because this is not how I wanted to start my career and I'm terrified that I look horrible or that I won't be able to find a solution... I don't know what I want anyone to tell me, I guess I just need some support
  7. RN2364

    ETOH based hand sanitizer

    Has anyone had any problems/positives from ETOH hand sanitizer? I worry I will get a false positive. Thoughts......
  8. So what does everyone use. Tried a certain brand. Feels more like bleach. Not loving it. Obviously doing the hand washing thing but working in a hospital we are not always near a sink and feel the need for hand sanitizing ... whats everyone’s choice of product?