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SchoolNurse91 is a BSN, RN and specializes in School Nursing.

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  1. SchoolNurse91

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I'm a single mom, so I don't have the comfort of a dual income. The sad reality is a dual income is needed. It's not always greed. It's necessity. I'm almost at the point where I need two jobs.
  2. SchoolNurse91

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    Of course. I am really flattered that they think we are all knowing. I can't tell you how many times I get a call to see if something is broken as well. Unless there is a bone popping through the skin, you're gonna need a x-ray to make that call. I had a principal say "You can't look at something and tell if it's broken???"..almost acted as if I were stupid. It's swollen. It hurts. Is there a possibility it's broken? Yep. Is there a possibility it's not? Yep.
  3. SchoolNurse91

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I don't think it's always so cut and dry. I stepped out of school nursing for two years. I worked in the hospital. If the school called, I couldn't just up and leave. My son had a babysitter, but she wouldn't pick him up if he were sick. I would have to wait until my job could find someone to cover my patients before I could leave.
  4. SchoolNurse91

    Your favorite extracurriculars?

    I'm in charge of determining if a kid is high... They don't call the police officers we have on campus who are fully qualified to conduct sobriety tests. "We think this kid is high. Can you come check." Assessment normal/abnormal. Tell admin my findings. "Well, are they high?" I tell them I'm not qualified to make that determination yet the call every single time.
  5. SchoolNurse91

    "Can you do something about this?"

    I had a teacher ask me to speak to a student with bad body odor. I couldn't smell anything, but I spoke with him anyway. He states he showers daily, wears clean clothes, has running water etc. He forgets deodorant at times. He's human. It happens. I called the mom just to follow up. She basically just said what the student did. Fast forward two weeks, the teacher said "He still smells!" What exactly do you want me to do about it? I've addressed the issue with the parent and student. It can be so frustrating.
  6. SchoolNurse91

    FERPA violation?

    Oh, that's not the worst one I've encountered. A teacher caught a student with a needle in the bathroom. He assumed IV drugs. The student was giving himself factor VIII injections after FOOTBALL practice. I completely had -no- clue.
  7. SchoolNurse91

    Subpoena Summons

    I second this. Have you spoke to the district's attorney yourself?
  8. SchoolNurse91

    FERPA violation?

    I had a student get hit in the face with a basketball. When I was assessing her, she was bruising excessively. I called mom and just asked "Hey, this may seem like a silly questions, but has little sally ever been tested for a bleeding disorder?" "Yeah! She has hemophilia." WHAT?! The parents happened to be out of the country on vacation. Grandma had no clue how to treat. It was a whole mess.
  9. SchoolNurse91

    How do you get a sub?

    We don't have subs. I'm the only RN in the district. We do have two LPNs. If any of us are sick, we're sick... no cover. I still answer my phone when I am off sick... I wonder what would happen if I had to go on extended leave.
  10. SchoolNurse91

    Getting Ready for RN

    You posted this is in the wrong group.
  11. SchoolNurse91


    No plan in my district. We have gotten an e-mail from the HD, but it was just standard stuff. I wonder how this will play out.
  12. SchoolNurse91

    FERPA violation?

    See, I was told that was a violation. I'll copy and paste the e-mail from the state. I asked the Director of School Health for guidance. I asked her if I could make paper lists or send a list via e-mail to each teacher. This was her response: "I would say you need to meet with the staff that has the particular student with a medical condition and discuss with them how to manage the student as well as S/S. I would send out a general reminder to all Staff to review their student’s health information on the computer and stressing the importance of knowing their students. Or you may need to go around to the staff individually or small groups and say these students have these medical needs and these are the signs and symptoms to watch for and the next step. "
  13. SchoolNurse91

    FERPA violation?

    The principal has addressed the issue. Teachers still are not doing it. That doesn't address support staff that do not have access to e-school. I do not get Health History forms until the day school starts. So, I couldn't have meetings before school starts. Also, our mobility rate is insanely high. My son goes to school where I work. There are only 9 out of 27 kids in his class from August. Kids are constantly transferring in and out. I personally have over 150 teachers. I don't think one on one meetings are feasible. I thought about e-mailing lists to teachers. Just the name of the student. Maybe if they -know- they have a student with a health problem, they will look up their health alert? I sent home ECPs for the usual (seizure, asthma, food allergies etc ) I got less than 5% back. I gave the teachers a copy of this form... but it doesn't help when parents dont fill them out.
  14. You bring up very good questions. It's something I need to talk to administration about. My office is in the center of the main office, but I really do feel as if both doors should lock.
  15. SchoolNurse91

    FERPA violation?

    I asked someone in the state dept if it was a FERPA violation and they said it was. I asked them how to go about notifying teachers. They told me to set up meetings with each teacher. Uhm, not even remotely possible. Plus, our district has such a high mobility rate.
  16. SchoolNurse91

    FERPA violation?

    When I first started school nursing, we made a list of kids who had medical conditions and gave the list to the appropriate teacher. About 2 years after I started, I was told it was a FERPA violation. I obviously stopped sending lists after that. Is this actually a violation? If so, how do you notify your teachers of medical conditions? They have access to the medical alerts in e-school but most of my teachers do not check these. How do you notify your teachers?

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