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  1. Puberty Education

    I saw that, but I was hoping to find the video on their official Youtube channel or their website due to parents/administration ?
  2. Puberty Education

    For the last couple of years, I've had access to the Always Changing video on the PG website. I can no longer find it. I have the older version, but I wanted to show the updated videos. Does anyone know where the videos went? Maybe I'm just looking i...
  3. Possibility of returning to school

    I haven't posted recently because we have been all virtual. We may be going back to school soon as next week. We have no policies in place. I submitted a proposed policy and I will see if it gets approved. I'm so nervous abou...
  4. CPR

    I teach it myself.
  5. CPR

    My district wants all training to be done virtually, but I don't see how we could do the hands on virtually. I just wanted to see if anyone had suggestions!
  6. CPR

    Do you think it is feasible to do virtual CPR training for staff? I'd love to hear your opinions.
  7. So frustrated.

    For all staff and students. I don’t agree with it, but people aren’t listening to me
  8. So frustrated.

    Great. I’ll look into that. I found the state protocol for temperature checks. Face mask, face shield, gowns and gloves. Where are we suppose to find all of this??
  9. So frustrated.

    Well, they’re telling me to look at grocery stores so I don’t think having an account is an issue ???. I don’t imagine Walmart takes POs. Tough times.
  10. Temps at the door?

    The nurses have had to come up twice a day since school closed to check temps. They want a nurse doing it. We have 11 schools and 3 nurses. Unless they delegate temperatures, they’re gonna have to hire more nurses. Win for me ?
  11. So frustrated.

    I’ve tried McKesson, SNS, MacGill, and school health
  12. So frustrated.

    Oh, I have. They told me to check grocery stores and hospitals suppliers.. even though I’ve told them that I can’t order from a hospital supplier. I’ve called grocery stores to get prices and amounts, but they’re too expensive. I feel like I’m wastin...
  13. So frustrated.

    I think what makes me so upset is the administration basically telling me I have to come up with these masks. There is no other option. I’ve told them continuously that my hands are tied. I have no clue when these items will be in stock. They keep te...
  14. So frustrated.

    It’s all so frustrating. I have no clue what to do.
  15. So frustrated.

    Unfortunately our school district can not afford thousands of cloth masks.