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  1. svetlana36

    IPN hair test

    And today I’ve been selected for my 8th hair test! This is getting ridiculous....
  2. svetlana36

    IPN hair test

    Since I started in April 2018 they hair test me every three months like clockwork.
  3. svetlana36


    Thanks everyone! I guess I am apprehensive because the wedding is happening literally two blocks from my apartment. So I won’t be traveling at all but it’s an afternoon wedding so I want to have time for hair makeup photos and all that good stuff. I will ask and I will let you all know what they say, just in case others are in a similar situation.
  4. svetlana36


    I guess it couldn’t hurt to ask, the worst thing they can say is no...
  5. svetlana36


    I don’t know if it’s even worth it to ask.
  6. svetlana36


    I’m getting married in a few months. Anyone ever get a monitoring interruption for a one day special occasion from IPN? I’d hate to miss my own hair appointment because I got selected for a hair test that day.... you just never know! And last time I got picked for a 200 dollar hair test it took two hours!!! Just curious if I should even bother asking....
  7. svetlana36

    Light at the end of the tunnel?

    You’re lucky I surrendered my license for five years and they made me take the NCLEX again in addition to a refresher before I could join a monitoring program.
  8. svetlana36

    Nursing Job

    I work on a med/surg/tele unit. Omnicell blocks out anything narcotic so I cannot pull it. All charge nurses are away and try not to assign me pain management or ETOH withdrawal patients. I have to find the charge or another RN to pull these meds for me. It’s been annoying but I work in an amazingly supportive environment.
  9. svetlana36

    2 offers may result in no job....

    Your email didn’t work, I sent you a private message!
  10. svetlana36

    What 2 Think

    I took an 8 year break and it came back to me remarkably quickly. I did extend my orientation longer than probably was necessary, but it helped me to feel more confident and comfortable.
  11. svetlana36

    2 offers may result in no job....

    I’m in central Florida, Orlando Health is the hospital system and they are super IPN friendly, best of luck to you both!
  12. svetlana36

    Testing- hair/nails/peth

    I’ve had to give two hair and three blood tests in less than a year. No dilutes and no abnormal or positive results on my behalf either.
  13. svetlana36

    School nursing?

    Are you in Florida? The only issue I see is direct supervision, which if you are passed the three year mark, wouldn’t even apply.
  14. I have not and I've been in monitoring for about a year and a half. But I still freak out over it regularly. I just started a job and my new worry is the alcohol based hand sanitizer but I get tested after a night of working and it was fine. I don't completely avoid alcohol based products like the hand sanitizer, bug spray, sun block and such. But I do try and limit them and use alcohol free products when available .
  15. svetlana36

    Alcohol free hand sanitizer

    I've been asking at my nursing support group and have also been getting mixed responses. I think I will try my best to used good old soap and water, and if that is not always possible then look into an alcohol free foam. Thanks to all who responded.
  16. svetlana36

    Alcohol free hand sanitizer

    Hello all! I am about to start working on a med/surg unit this week. I am concerned about the frequency with which I will be expected to use the alcohol based foam for hand hygiene. The facility does not want nurses to use hand sanitizers not provided by or approved by them. I am just curious what other people are doing. Do you wash your hands with soap and water each time in place of the alcohol based product? Or has anyone had any luck getting a non alcohol based product approved? Any insight would be appreciated.

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