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i care for a brother and sister who both each have mic-key buttons for g-tube access. we ran out of syringes that fit into the mic-key button to give meds directly into the g-tube. mom states that the kids' medicaid is no longer paying for such an item (???).

does anyone know a medical supply company that i can obtain 10 cc syringes for giving medication thru the g-tube that actually fits the mic-key button? i've ordered two different types from two different companies and each time the tip of the syringe was too large to fit. my second order, i even talked to a customer service rep who assured me the enteral 10 cc syringe we talked about would fit the mic-key button.

i know i shouldn't have to order supplies like this but mom is dragging her feet about these medication syringes and we really need them so i'm just gonna bite the bullet and buy a supply for the home myself. i just need direction as to what to get.

i even contacted the family's home supply company and they were unable to give me the name and order number for these syringes as they were not listed in their computer. i just don't know how or where to look anymore!!

thanks in advance for your help :nurse:

Medicaid was paying for these extensions on my last case, within the past month. I do not see how it is expected to administer meds without the proper equipment. I think your supervisor at the office needs to look into the medicaid refusing to pay claim. It does not sound right to me. Perhaps the family could use some assistance with getting the proper equipment. Get your supervisor involved.

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try using the mic-key extensions instead of using the port. may be a little more time consuming, but at least the kids will get the meds they need.

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try using the mic-key extensions instead of using the port. may be a little more time consuming, but at least the kids will get the meds they need.

We've been having to do this and the meds plug up the tubing and the g-tube every time. So much easier to push meds thru the syringe. My home coordinator is going to look into ordering for us tomorrow syringes and the Mic-Key button extension sets for bolus because Mom just hasn't been ordering ANYTHING lately and we are so badly in need of supplies. I just don't understand why Mom just doesn't let us do the ordering her. At my other job assignment, us nurses do all the monthly ordering and it goes so much smoother. We know what we need, the family doesn't! Sorry for the vent but its so frustrating!!

My patient has a mickey gb and we attach these little red things to the tips of the syringes so that it fits into the g-button. i have no idea what they are called though. sorry =(

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My patient has a mickey gb and we attach these little red things to the tips of the syringes so that it fits into the g-button. i have no idea what they are called though. sorry =(

I finally found some syringes that actually fit! So excited! I know, the smallest things can make me happy :D But, in talking with some colleagues yesterday about my find, we were discussing how and why these syringes just don't come all universally fit. I didn't know they make a "universal fitter" connector in the form of a "red thingy" to make it work tho! That's great news! If in the future we have a problem finding syringes again, I can also look for these to do the job. Thanks for the tip!!

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I'm glad you got it worked out. Mickey extensions come in different sizes (diameter). One of each usually comes in the box with a Mickey button. Do the meds plug up even the large tube ?

it may be too late to help wi_home_rn with the original g-tube question, but for other users, here is the basic info. (you can get most of this info from the literature that comes with each replacement tube, or on various websites.) i have been dealing with enteral feeding for over 10 years. it is not rocket science.

1. the mic-key buttons used by many children and adults are designed for direct insertion of "luer" slip tip syringes. for small amounts of medicines and other liquids, this is a common practice in hospitals and at home. manufacturers recommend flushing with 10ml of water, afterward (the cya principal). i have never seen flushing needed, or done by anyone, including me!

2. the only type of syringe that will fit is the "luer" "slip-tip" style, because of its geometry. (see the syringes given to parents by drugstores for administration of liquid meds to infants and young children are not luer syringes, and probably will not work.

3. most of the time, large capacity luer syringes will not provide accurate dosages. please use the smallest size possible.

4. many drug stores now carry only luer "locking style" syringes. these have a plastic ring around the tip for use with standard iv and other devices. this ring can be cut off with a pair of very strong, sharp scissors, or by tools such as diagonal wire cutters. with practice, you will learn how not to break the syringe!

5. in an emergency, tuberculin and allergy syringes will work. naturally, remove the needle!

6. one post claimed that too much pressure broke the silicon balloon that holds the tube in place. that was not the reason the balloon broke! the most likely reasons are the button was worn and coincidentally broke, or they were using the balloon's water fill port on the side of the button. if you examine a mic-key, you will see that the balloon surrounds the tube, but is not otherwise connected to it.

luer slip syringes will fit into the mic-key 14 fr and a 18fr button

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Slip tip fits all sizes of Mic-key buttons. If the medication is too thick, add water (flush). If its because you are crushing pills, see if you can get the med at a compounding pharmacy in liquid form. If its already in liquid form, tell the pharmacy the problem you are having and see if they can make it thinner.

I just wanted to add, being in a pedi home care setting, a awesome home/infusion supply company that alot of my pedi kids use is a company called ThriveRx. If your kids parents are struggling to get supplys for their enteral or TPN kiddo, give them this company, cause they can get parents anything they want as far as supplies and pumps go, and they are nationwide, just need to make sure they take their insurance. I personally love when they come drop supply's off for my's nice to have always have items I need to do my job...:yeah:

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They aren't around here.

All of the companies can get most any item for supplies that they "want" to get. Its not about if they can get the supply. Its about the profit they make from the supply. If they aren't able to make a profit, they will just say its unavailable. They will also say that if the product you want is too expensive and a cheaper option is available.

luer lock syringes are the best for g/j tubes. they fit like a charm without the catheter tip. The child I care for uses 25 syringes a day!

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