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  1. WI_home_RN

    opinions please?

    Irresponsible of that nurse to let her certification lapse if she is gainfully employed. Our continuing education is OUR responsibility, not the agency's. Bad....bad....bad.....
  2. WI_home_RN

    2014 camp work thread

    What is a "GOOD" salary to expect from being a Camp Nurse?
  3. WI_home_RN

    2014 camp work thread

    Hi All!!! I am a brand NEW Camp Nurse this year. Just accepted my job offer with a camp in Northern Wisconsin, where I live. I must live at camp for 9-1/2 weeks and cannot commute. It will be something to get used to but I am looking forward to it :) My husband is supportive but will miss me. Along with my summer salary, they also include free tuition for my two sons to attend the camp also. What should I expect from my first camp experience???
  4. WI_home_RN

    Finding RNs

    why is it so gosh darn hard to find rns to do pdn on my case? we are so short staffed on my vent patient's case it isn't funny. i do the scheduling and am the case coordination. i have ads everywhere -- newspaper, online, websites -- and just cannot find anyone to hire on with us!! we live in wisconsin so we don't work for an agency, just independent. a few months back, one rn replied to my newspaper ad and we hired her on the spot. we still need 1-2 more rn bodies to help out this 24/7 case. how to find rns who want to do pdn? the state pays well!!
  5. WI_home_RN

    Liar Liar pants on fire!!!!

    i can understand your frustrations, however what do you do when you discover that one of the private duty nurses you work with lies about everything? there is no supervisor to talk to. this rn tells little white lies and huge lies that affect our patient's life. when family was told about these issues, they didn't care, told us nurses to stop gossiping about one another and quit the drama. but there is a real serious issue at hand! help!!!
  6. I'd love to help you out if I knew more of what you wanted to know. My peds patients have G-tubes and one is trached but not on a vent. My adult patient is on a vent.
  7. WI_home_RN

    Does HH just have to practice foley incertion?

    omg! did you file a police report for assault and battery? you need to. what she did was just wrong!! if you are a cna, i can see that its ok for you to insert foleys if you were inserviced on the procedure and it was delegated to you by an rn. don't let one bad egg spoil the rest of your career.
  8. WI_home_RN

    How to handle this...is it neglect or stupidity?

    what does your patient's plan of care say about wearing and using the p-m? i feel for the mom's wanting control but really you need to follow the poc. i agree with you in that its probably harming the child's learning abilities, intellect, etc. that's why you need to touch base with the child's doctor, get orders, get it into the poc and abide by it. if mom balks, tell her to take it up with the child's physician, not you.
  9. WI_home_RN

    RN told she will now get LPN wages

    i am a private duty rn in wisconsin working for medicaid/badgercare. for the last year, we have been hearing rumors of budget cuts. they already cut out the few hundred bucks extra a month for the case coordinator. we are able to work no more than 12 hours/day, 60 hours a week. there has been talk that if you are an rn, you will be paid the standard $30+/hour rate for up to 8 hours but if you work a 12 hour shift, your pay will go down to $20+ (lpn wages) for the final 4 hours of the shift. i certainly hope that this doesn't come true but its been rumored for about a year now. its bad enuf they took away coordinator reimbursement. that's alot of paperwork!! us rns do get the same standard pay rate for vent as well as non-vent patients. does anyone know where to look online to find out what's really going on and the truth behind what budget cuts are in store for us? again, i live in wisconsin.
  10. WI_home_RN

    What's ok and what's not?

    never do anything without a doctor's order. patients will tell you anything to make you believe it is "ok" because they want what they want, but without an actual order, it is not ok. shame on that other nurse for leaving the job without charting the supposed order. always watch your back, its your license on the line.
  11. WI_home_RN

    What Helped you Survive Care Plans?

    I myself have used care plan reference books in nursing school before becoming an RN and after. I have two, one for alterations in health and one for wellness. I highly suggest using them.
  12. WI_home_RN

    Impaired nurses treated with suboxone?

    Thanks for bringing this topic up Randy. Good info has been shared here. I'd love to know more about the personal email/PM advice you've been given as well. Not specifics, but could you post any general info without revealing personal info?
  13. WI_home_RN

    RN-BSN online how long is your program?

    GCU also sends you books to your door, overnite or slow route. The classes are only 5 weeks long and you can skip "terms" as needed to make the program last longer if that's what you want or emergencies/vacations come up. Otherwise, you can finish in 16 months. If you need electives, you can take them locally and transfer the credits in to count towards your BSN. You don't need to take just one class at a time. My adm counselor said a few classes are very "easy" and could be taken with a 2nd class during the 5 week period. I went with GCU because it seemed like the easiest process to me and my admission counselor is great and available almost as much as a teacher/prof is :) Price was do-able, financial aid process quite easy. Plus it is a Christian college which is important to me and I know for certain there is one class that focuses on the christian aspect.
  14. WI_home_RN

    RN-BSN online how long is your program?

    i'm going to do my rn to bsn online but i can't decide between grand canyon univ or univ of phoenix. maybe i could get some feedback? pros/cons of each: gcu 16 months, each class 5 weeks long, 13 classes at $1185 each, admission seems more of a difficult process, all online classes with no clinical hours necessary uop 2 years, each class 5 weeks long, 13 classes at $1575 each, admission seems super easy, must do 25 clinical hours otherwise all online any advice or words of wisdom appreciated

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