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  1. WI_home_RN

    Things you'd LOVE to tell coworkers...and get away with it!

    For the love of God, PLEASE put on a bra and wear it under your too-tight scrubs. We CAN see everything. What message are you sending to the patients???
  2. WI_home_RN

    New to Private Duty Nursing...

    What's your email? I can email you the forms I use.
  3. WI_home_RN

    Pediatric patient- home nurse situations!?

    wow. my best advice would be to remove yourself from the case asap and really contemplate whether your relationship with the dad is in your (and the child's) best interest. both of you know you were in the wrong from the beginning otherwise this relationship wouldn't be hidden. i can guarantee that once the mom finds out, she will go for blood and will gain custody of her child and you will lose your license. i see nothing good coming from this whole situation. working private duty, we have to remember that someone's home is our work place, an imaginary hospital, so to speak. we have to draw the line between personal and professional and stick to that.
  4. WI_home_RN

    Hearing impaired RN wants to work but------

    I am not HOH but I work with a vent patient (private duty) who cannot speak and must read his lips to communicate. Just a thought!
  5. WI_home_RN

    Source Program and Hospice at the same time???

    i'm not sure what "source program" is but i work private duty for a patient who has medicare/medicaid. he receives 24/7 pdn care funded by the state of wisconsin. he was just placed on hospice a few days ago and our two programs are working together in harmony, giving the patient the best care possible and allowing him to live and stay at home until the end. pdn is 24/7 and hospice rns come in 2x/week with hospice hhas whenever we need them although they can only work during the hours of 8 am and 3 pm. i thought that was strange that the hhas have set working hours. this upsets us pdns who work nites with the patient since he sleeps all day and is awake all night and we need more help overnite.
  6. WI_home_RN

    Ever get spooked on night shift?

    honestly, i have never gotten spooked working night shift....not yet anyway! my patient is a night owl who sleeps all day and is up all night so even tho i work night shift, he's not asleep and nights he keeps me busy running.
  7. WI_home_RN

    Can I delegate this to a LPN?

    Thanks for the help so far. I am in Wisconsin and work private duty nursing in the patient's home. We have no agency to abide by. Any thoughts on these additional details?
  8. WI_home_RN

    Can I delegate this to a LPN?

    I have a dilemma. Patient with PortACath and one LPN on the case. Can I delegate to her to administer the IV abx? Or must I find an RN to work during IV dosage time?
  9. WI_home_RN

    Current Political Uproar

    does anyone know how the recent "uproar" about the wisconsin budget and gov scott walker may affect private duty nurses who work for the badgercare/medicaid program? i can't seem to find anything specific. thanks!
  10. WI_home_RN

    Question about LPN scope of nursing

    this should be such an easy question to answer but i just can't get to the bottom of it!! even the state hasn't called me back yet. i work private duty nursing with a handful of rns and one lpn. our patient just had a port-a-cath placed and we're wondering if its legal for our lpn to administer his abx or is that a "big no?" would she need additional training in iv therapy and certification to be able to do this? any advice appreciated and welcome!!
  11. WI_home_RN

    Wisconsin LPN Scope of Practice

    living in wisconsin, i work private duty without an agency. i work with a handful of rns and one lpn. our patient recently underwent surgical insertion of a port-a-cath for extended iv antibiotics. can our staff lpn adminster these iv abx or is just an rn thing? i called the state and no one has gotten back to me and i'm not finding any info on my searches. can anyone help, give advice, or point me in the right directly? thanks much!!
  12. WI_home_RN

    LPN Scope of Practice, esp Wisconsin

    i just can't find an answer to my question. i even called the state and they never called back. i work private duty with a handful of rns and one lpn. the patient recently received a port-a-cath to receive iv antiobiotics at home can the lpm start and run the iv abx thru this port? i've received confusing answers and don't know what to believe. thanks for any insight you can give me or point me in the right rule direction
  13. WI_home_RN

    Liar Liar pants on fire!!!!

    i can understand your frustrations, however what do you do when you discover that one of the private duty nurses you work with lies about everything? there is no supervisor to talk to. this rn tells little white lies and huge lies that affect our patient's life. when family was told about these issues, they didn't care, told us nurses to stop gossiping about one another and quit the drama. but there is a real serious issue at hand! help!!!
  14. I'd love to help you out if I knew more of what you wanted to know. My peds patients have G-tubes and one is trached but not on a vent. My adult patient is on a vent.
  15. WI_home_RN

    Does HH just have to practice foley incertion?

    omg! did you file a police report for assault and battery? you need to. what she did was just wrong!! if you are a cna, i can see that its ok for you to insert foleys if you were inserviced on the procedure and it was delegated to you by an rn. don't let one bad egg spoil the rest of your career.