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i care for a brother and sister who both each have mic-key buttons for g-tube access. we ran out of syringes that fit into the mic-key button to give meds directly into the g-tube. mom states that the kids' medicaid is no longer paying for such an item (???).

does anyone know a medical supply company that i can obtain 10 cc syringes for giving medication thru the g-tube that actually fits the mic-key button? i've ordered two different types from two different companies and each time the tip of the syringe was too large to fit. my second order, i even talked to a customer service rep who assured me the enteral 10 cc syringe we talked about would fit the mic-key button.

i know i shouldn't have to order supplies like this but mom is dragging her feet about these medication syringes and we really need them so i'm just gonna bite the bullet and buy a supply for the home myself. i just need direction as to what to get.

i even contacted the family's home supply company and they were unable to give me the name and order number for these syringes as they were not listed in their computer. i just don't know how or where to look anymore!!

thanks in advance for your help :nurse:

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luer lock syringes are the best for g/j tubes. they fit like a charm without the catheter tip. The child I care for uses 25 syringes a day!

Must be slip tip. It won't fit unless its a slip tip. Luer lock won't work.

A regular 10cc syringe will fit directly into a MiniONE. No special syringe is needed.

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Haven't seen the MiniOnes yet. Just looked it up. Seems great! Every patient in this area is either using a Mic-Key or a PEG that I've seen. And I've seen the majority of the PDN kids in about a 100mi radius.

The no special syringe part sounds great. Seems likes it could be better than a Mic-Key.

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Trying to find a syringe that inserts directly into my adult son's Mic-Key low profile G-tube.

I was in the ED with him a few days ago. He requires medication and feeding every 30 minutes. No sanitary tables, not so much fun.

I had quite the audience, guess we were keeping the other patients occupied.

I began to think how a syringe to be used without the bolus tube would be quite the asset in the situation I was in.

DOes anybody know where to obtain such syringes? I have been taking care of our son for 29 years so I am used to trickle pressure on all his meds and feeding supplies.

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On 10/20/2010 at 5:13 AM, laughing weasel said:

Baxa - Home Baxa is the bomb for syringes. If they made shoes I would wear them.

I've had good results with Baxa.


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