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This is such a crazy time and I hope you guys are all healthy & safe. I applied for the Swedish RN residency for august 2020 and haven't heard anything. I know its a weird time but I graduate in 2 weeks and haven't heard anything. Has anyone heard anything about the august 2020 residency?

I applied too, submitted me video interview 3-4 weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet. I talked to a recruiter right before turning in my interview and they said they already had a ton of applicants lined up for interviews which I thought was odd since it was early March. When did you turn in your application and video?

@adri-RN I didn't even get a video interview email. I checked. Ughhhhhh!

When did you submit your application? Are you sure you didn't get an invitation for the video interview? Subject would be "Montage Invitation", not super obvious that it is an invitation from Swedish. I got this email very soon after applying, so I think it is an automated process that all applicants receive - I don't think they even checked my resume or application before sending out the invite.

@Adri-RN I submitted it Feb 12. I looked in my email to see if I missed it but I didn't. I have an ADN so maybe that's why. I don't know.

I can't seem to find a number. When I call the HR number on the website its just an operator.

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Hi guys. Hope you are staying safe and healthy!

I just applied tonight and got the video interview invitation right after. I've heard it can take some time to complete so I plan to do it tomorrow.

Good luck everyone 🙂 This is probably the craziest time to finish nursing school but we will make it!

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Hi everyone! I also submitted an application for the new grad program earlier this week, and received a video invitation right after. I am planning on submitting it today, but it has taken a little while to complete! Does anyone have any insight about whether they're still scheduling interviews at this point?

Good luck to everyone! As @knl07 said, it's a crazy time to be graduating and entering the workforce as new RNs, but we've got this 🙂

When I talked to the recruiter a few weeks ago she said they already had a lot of interviews lined up for most of the positions except for med/surg which shocked me since I thought it was still early in the process. I haven't heard back since submitting the video interview but will probably call them next week to see what the status is. I'd be curious to see if anyone has interviewed yet. Have any of you guys applied elsewhere in the Seattle area and heard back? I've applied to 5+ hospitals and have only heard back from one so far.


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I applied Monday, finished my video interview Tuesday, and received an offer to interview for an ED position yesterday. As far as I know, there are only psych units and a few medsurg units left, but the positions are filling up quickly.

Interesting @chemistRN, how did you get an interview in the ED if there are only psych and med/surg units available? Did you have connections to that ED then?

I talked to them today and they sent me an interview but there is only med- surg left. If you want something I'd start looking around.

WOW!! The units I planned on applying to seem to be filled then. Does anyone have any idea when the next application cycle opens, and when the next cohort starts?