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  1. knl07

    San Antonio Methodist July Residency 2020

    You’re welcome!! I don’t know it, but I’ve heard it’s low too
  2. Hi! I interviewed for Cardiac PCU at Colorado Springs 3 weeks ago and I’m still waiting to hear back. Best of luck!
  3. @amyleong hey! I heard back from the recruiter but it was just informing me that none of the dates I chose worked for the manager so I had to send more. It’s been 5 days since last hearing from her. Still waiting on an official interview date! Best o...
  4. I’m sure we will hear this week! Nervously waiting for a call or email.
  5. What unit did you interview for? A friend of mine heard back that she didn’t get it, but it was for oncology. I am not sure about other units.
  6. This time waiting is sure going by slowly! Best of luck to you. I hope we get good news.
  7. Hi Corey!! I can't imagine your nervousness while waiting! That time seems to pass slower than normal. I hope for good news coming your way very soon. Did they provide you with a timeline of when to expect to hear back? Thanks so much! I may message...
  8. Does anyone who interviewed with UCH Colorado Springs have an update? I interviewed last Friday and I haven’t heard back. They said it could be 2 weeks.
  9. Hello everyone! I’ve read this entire thread and WOW!, everyone is so kind and supportive. I received an email from a recruiter today for an interview on the CVSICU! I am unbelievably excited for this opportunity. I would be relocating from Texas. I...
  10. My interview went well! It was with the unit managers. I was offered a position, but it was not for the unit I really wanted so I declined the offer. Now I am hoping for some good news from UCH soon.
  11. Thank you! I hope the interview goes okay. Good luck to everyone!
  12. Hi everyone! I hope you all are staying healthy during this crazy time! I applied to Centura Health and UCH. Today, I heard from an assistant unit manager for an ICU new grad position at the Penrose St. Francis Location. I have an interview Friday. I...
  13. knl07


    Hi guys. Hope you are staying safe and healthy! I just applied tonight and got the video interview invitation right after. I've heard it can take some time to complete so I plan to do it tomorrow. Good luck everyone 🙂 This is probably the craziest ti...
  14. knl07

    San Antonio Methodist July Residency 2020

    Hi! I got an email today from Pamela McDonald about the updates regarding the Meet and Greet. I think this was sent to everyone who applied. I haven’t heard from the Recruiter I was in contact with, but we hopefully will this week.
  15. knl07

    St. David's RN Residency Summer Cohort 2020

    Hi everyone! I have applied to various St. David Hospitals in the Austin area. The only one I heard from so far was The Heart Hospital in Austin. I did a "pre-screen" type interview on Friday, March 27 with unit managers and the nursing director...