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  1. SpaghettinaRN

    Covid-19 PPE

    Does anyone have examples that they are willing to share of what PPE their hospitals are providing for care of COVID patients? Mine strictly follows the CDC guidelines (isolation gown, gloves, N95 mask, face shield, or CAPR)- but I have seen that frontline staff in other institutions wear the disposable suits, hair bonnets, sometimes shoe covers as well. I am wondering whether these increased measures are necessary? Should we be advocating for them in my institution as well?? Thank you to anyone who can provide some insight!
  2. SpaghettinaRN

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    Thank you for your reply @nursespongebob! That's helpful to know, and I hope you hear back soon! I think I will try reaching out soon as well and will definitely update if I hear anything.
  3. SpaghettinaRN

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    Thank you for your response @Leenie831! Yes I wonder if it just takes some time since they have so many applications to sort through, but it's definitely tough to wait in limbo 😅 I do appreciate everyone keeping each other updated on here! I would also love to hear if anyone has had a phone/Skype interview, and how it goes. Hope everyone's doing well as we wait!
  4. SpaghettinaRN

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    Has anyone received any updates this week? I received a questionnaire and emailed it back a few days ago, and haven't heard from the recruiter since- just wondering if anyone has any recommendations about whether I should wait to hear back, or follow up with the recruiter? Waiting is always tough! 😅
  5. SpaghettinaRN

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    @sgr_sgr Mine says "Completed- Updated April 8", which is the day I submitted my app. I wonder if you can try getting directed to their HR department to confirm if yours was completed? Best of luck!
  6. SpaghettinaRN

    Stanford New Grad RN Residency Fall 2020

    @BayAreaNurse531 While Stanford (the adult side) previously required that applicants have NO prior RN experience, they changed this during the last application cycle to allow for applicants to have less than 6 months cumulative RN experience (I think prior to the start date of the program). Here is the flyer from the last cycle, but I remember reading that in the requirements for this current cycle as well.
  7. SpaghettinaRN

    City of Hope New Grad 2020

    Thank you for keeping us updated, and for sharing that helpful information! I'd also love to know if anyone has any advice about how to contact the recruiters or HR- do we just call the main hospital number and ask to be directed? Good luck to everyone who is getting called!