Survey: what area of nursing are you thinking of going to or interests you

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I am just curious to know what areas everyone is going into or thinking about after graduation. Myself personally I have a strong interest in Pediatrics/neonatal and school clinic based nursing. I am seriously thinking of becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner or family nurse practitioner later on down the road and eventually branching out into research. I also have interests in ER and Geriatrics, community/publich health.

After graduation I plan on working med-surg for a few yrs. I would like to try my hand at ER. Eventually I want to go back to school.....................and go back to school.....until eventually I can be a nurse practitioner........but that is long term goal. Not to long term I am already 35. I want to go into geriatrics, I feel that is where I am most needed.

I feel my calling is in Pediatric Oncology or Pediatric AIDS patients. My main concern with either of these fields is that in my small rural area, there isn't much (if any) demand for it. Everyone here usually goes to Dallas for major treatments. I'm not far from Dallas, but have no desire to move back up that way. So, my thinking is to work in Dallas for a few years (driving back and forth) and since things are starting to build up here, eventually there will be something closer to home for me. But Peds Oncology has been my desire since the day I had the "calling" to go into nursing.

It seems I have so many things I want to go into! I like the excitement of critical care and have a great interest in oncology. I'd like to find out more about working in a specialized area like the ICU. Hopefully I can get into a training/orientation program after I graduate so I can get into this area right away.

That's what's so great about nursing - it's so flexible! You are free to grow into new areas and get as many credentials as you want. If you like school, that is! :rolleyes:

I would like to try my luck at a little bit of everything there is out there in nursing is the sky is the limit. I am think of emergency, labor and delivery, trauma, burn, icu picu, nicu, and pediactrics. I have been working with geriactrics for almost fours years and I am starting to get burnt out. I believe it is time for a change of pace. I plan on keeping my options open when it comes to graduation. I hope to be notice in my clincals by the management staff and be given the opportunity to at least receive an interview. I believe my calling is the neonatal unit. The patient in the until are usually in critical condition, but once they begin to grow and develop natural my heart goes out to them.


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I plan on specializing in ER and L&D. I also loved the NICU. I however, do not enjoy working with Geriatrics or pediatrics at all, so I plan to working in L&D, and float to ER with there is no action in L&D. I will be working in a small hospital, so floating is commonplace.

Right now I work as a Unit Tech in a large CCU. I really love that environment and have a strong inclination to stay there after becoming a RN. I enjoy the intensity of it and the fast pace. Eventually, I plan on becoming a CRNA and I have to have at least one year of Adult ICU care to be accepted into the program. I am also interested in either ER or Postpartum.

ER, ER, ER. I work as a unit sec in an ER right now, and I love it. I'll undoubtedly do my required time in med/surg, but after that all you'll see is the color of my scrubs running to the ER jobs. I may eventually branch out into either CCU or L&D.



Specializes in Perinatal/neonatal.

I will be a clinical nurse specialist in Maternal Child Nursing and am also considering the CNM program at Frontier. Lots of risk in Labor & Delivery, but worth it every time a new baby comes into the world. A little piece of heaven, I think. :p

Nurse practitioner is my goal. I'm not sure what branch of that will interest me by then, but I do have a strong desire for the autonomy of the position.

When I was a resp therapist I liked the "intensive" In the I.C.U.

I admired the skills of the nurses there and I think that is one of the most pivitol parts of a patients care. A great team of nurses in there can make a patients prognosis more certain; and can intervene when the patient is going bad before anyone else could sense a problem.

I like the sound of "private practice" too much to not want to go past that point. I can, however say with complete certainty, that I want to be a more knowledgeable and skilled nurse than even the nurses I admired in the I.C.U.'s. I can see no benefit to my patients or my proffession to ever stop at any point from reaching for another lesson or text. I have observed the nurses and the other proffessionals in the hospital setting as well as outpatient and home care. The patients In all these settings RELY on the nurse for thier care. I want to be confident that they can feel at ease relying on me. I guess for that reason my goal really is to never become complacent about consistant excellence.

Pediatric Oncology is where I plan to hang my hat!:cool:

I'm an LPN now, and won't start my RN program until August. I've always been interested in psych nursing. The human mind has always fascinated me!

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