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Summer school anyone?

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Hey guys!!!!

well for all of us pre nursing students...anyone taking classes during the summer or doing anything exciting?

For me, I am taking philosophy: logic :confused:


Intro to psychology:yawn:

meh talk about a very BORING 6-week summer...

and the topper? I have class at 8 am! ARGH, not the way I wanted to start summer. And no, there is no other class being offered, so I need this logic class for the BSN program I am applying for this Oct!

After class gets out (around early August) I have like 3 weeks off until regular semester starts...blah, I will probably be working fulltime...

As for extra-curricular activities? Besides working the weekends, I will be either looking for a HC job or volunteering.

What about everyone else!?!?!?

This summer I'm taking 3 classes at a local CC. I'm going to be incredibly busy, but I'm so excited. I'm going to be taking Human Anatomy, Interpersonal Communication, and Intro to Psych. I figure I'll probably spend most of my time with the Anatomy. I'm not expecting the other two to be too difficult or time consuming, but I guess I'll find out. :D

Good luck with your classes this summer! I've never heard of a program requiring a logic class before. That's kind of interesting, but I can see the reasoning.

I am taking intro to psych over the summer as well. It is a 5 week class.

I took two semesters of logic back when I got my BA, that's how I got out of taking any math classes. :D Couldn't run from it forever, taking college algebra this summer. I also have class at 8, but it's at the campus that's a 10 minute walk from my house. Last semester I survived 7:30am micro clear across town 5 days a week, so this doesn't sound so bad. Other than that my summer will include work (I'm a home health aide - aka CNA), a couple family weddings, a music festival, and a visit from my in-laws.

I took intro psych last spring, I really enjoyed it because of the great instructor. I'm just wrapping up developmental psych right now, that's been a real snoozer. I've never sat through such boring and pointless lectures before in my life. Oh well, at least it's an easy 'A'. I'll be all done with prereqs next Wednesday, I'll be a real nursing student in the fall. Better enjoy any "free time" I have now while it still exists!

It'll be AP2 and MicroBio for me this summer...then hopefully I'll be accepted to start core nursing classes in the fall....it's been a long year of pre-reqs and I can't wait to be finished! :)

I'm taking English Comp II and History this summer. I start the BSN program in the fall and I have to have these completed by then. I'm doing them online, though. So my summer will still (hopefully) have some fun in it.


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I'm taking sociology and nutrition over the summer and both are online...SWEET. I will be working full time and debating on finding time to volunteer.

Beach, which quarter are you applying for?


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Im done with pre preqs for my program but I still have a couple pre reqs to knock out so I can bridge to bsn.



this summer, 6 week courses.

jesskidding, LPN

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I am finally taking a break. I have been working on all my pre-reqs and gen-ed classes for almost 2 years. Now that I have those completed I am taking a much deserved break before I start the NP I was just accepted into.


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Life Span and Philosophy 5 weeks, then off 5 weeks off!! This summer is my sixth semester in a row. I am going to enjoy those five weeks like they were my last.:yeah:

I'm going to college for the first time; this summer, and I'm excited, nervous and hysterical all at once. I've been waiting to go to school for four years (not waiting, but working rigorously, shall I say) and I just got admitted to state college, here in Daytona State; my entrence level scores were: Math:11th grade, Reading:13th grade, and Language:10th grade. You need at least an 11th grade level on all your scores to be admitted, and they only took these three academias because I'm going for a certificate (LPN); however they over-rid it because I'm taking it again before my first class. I got to say, after having dropped out of tenth grade in highschool: I'm really glad I've been reading all of these years, but I have a lot to work to do. The last couple of days I've been studying profusely, 8-12 hours, and I don't know how much more I can take it, really. It's just hard, pretty soon I'll be doing Home-Health-Aid, taking my prereq courses (Introduction to Healthcare and basic Anatomy and Physiology) and studying for the TEAS test that I must take by the end of July. It's just so much at once, this is how I've always approached life and have been successful nonetheless, I just don't have anything to fall back on, and nothing to support me at this moment. I moved to Florida about nine months ago, and got married five months ago; my wife is great, but definitely not someone to relay and dump info and inquisitions on. I just hope I can afford gas, my stomach, rent - time for school, myself, my wife and a part(ish) time job simultaneously. Any words of encouragement?

Im not doing summer school. I learned that summer school is not for me. I did it once to retake a math class. I dont want to stress over school during the summer. Iam trying to find a volunteer position at a hospital somewhere other than the VA Hospital. Good luck in summer school. Especially philosophy I hated that class, but it sure does make you think.

I'm taking physiology and studying for the TEAs over the summer, wish me luck! :eek:


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anyone know what the philosophy of logic class is about

its going to be a snoozer too

ThePrincessBride, BSN

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It won't be considered pre-nursing courses, but I do plan on taking a couple of courses over the summer: Microbiology and Human Development.

I'm doing Microcomputers, extended summer session, and Arts second summer session. I'm also going to study for the HESI. I am going to try and restrain myself from studying for the next four weeks until summer starts, so I don't wear myself completely out. Spring for me ends tomorrow. I have one exam to do and then I'm done.

hi everyone.

does anyone tell me about PRE NLN exam . i m taking this next month please please !!!

I'm taking statistics online :eek: and lifespan psychology. In the four weeks before summer session starts, I will be studying for the TEAS and taking it two days before summer session. I am trying to get volunteer work, but I just found out that the nurses are on strike at the hospital I applied to! I'm not sure how this will affect volunteering there, I'm not even sure if I SHOULD volunteer there now!

Good luck to all of those taking summer school!

akulahawkRN, ADN, RN, EMT-P

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I may be able to take a Pharmacology course this summer... but that completely depends upon my registration date and... hopefully the course won't be full by then.

I'm taking AP II during June and Microbiology in July. Both are early a.m. classes but I don't mind. I'm also taking an online Statistics class during the entire summer and I'm a little more worried about that.

I'm studying for the TEAS V simultaneously. Never know, I might just get the test invite from my uni :D

I'm doing CHEM II and Art in the Fall and then I'll officially be done with my pre-reqs.


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