the Subpoena Blues

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Im singing a song

called the subpoena blues

got one a month ago

for a pt 2 yrs ago

Today I forgot to show

went golfing instead

sun was shining

now I may need a jailhouse bed

Moral of the blues

if they give you that subpoena

dont forget to go

Might be a fine

might be some time in jail

I find out tomorrow


I got them subpoena blues

oooohhhhhhh,,, yes

I got them subpena blues

thank you

thank you

I gots to go

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Do you need me to bake a cake with a file in it???

or would it be better to buy you lots of cigarettes for trade with your new spouse, Rambo??????


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Sorry, Tom...

If I would have read this post first I wouldn't have made a crack about wearing orange on your other new thread tonight...

But, I'm sure orange will look LOVELY on you!

And I am sure Mrs. "Prisoner #74659275" AKA Tom can visit often... we need to take up a collection for the "Get Tom outta jail" Fund or what???!!??!?


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eeeeew...yuk.....not much fun there in court anyway!

Good luck! :uhoh21:

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If I were you, I'd make sure to show up bright and early at the court clerk's desk to explain why you missed your appearance. I once forgot about a jury summons, and a couple days later I received a VERY strongly worded missive from the court advising me I was going to be charged with contempt of court if I didn't get my butt down there PDQ and explain myself. :eek: You don't want to mess with the legal system, believe me.....they'll mess with you right back, and you'll lose!! :uhoh21:


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I hope everything does work out OK. We love your words o' wisdom. I don't think they'd let you have access to from jail. Seriously, if you go down and explain yourself (if you can, we sure can't... ;)), things might work out OK.

Nice song though... :chuckle

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I will talk a blue streak

to avoid the Orange scrubs


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I will talk a blue streak

to avoid the Orange scrubs

"Scrubs" ?!!?

Is THAT what you are telling yourself?!


Denial is a powerful thing!!


When you go to explain yourself...

You might want to skip the part about the nice day...

Had to go golfing...

Just sayin'...


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And I hear Mark Gregarious (sp?) might be free to represent you!

Michael Jackson appears to be all through with him! :rolleyes:

Man...I hope I got his name right...otherwise this is a REALLY stupid post!!!


Ah won't be the last time I'm stupid!

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unfortunately its not my first time either, to miss a subpoena


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unfortunately its not my first time either, to miss a subpoena


That's probably not good!

I'll pray for a different Judge and DA than last time!!


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So what happened? Are you in Jail? :chuckle :chuckle :chuckle

I hear even the worst day golfing is better than the best day in court, Tom. :p

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