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  1. I am considering UOC for their NP program. Has anyone attended there. Have you/were you happy with their program. I would be attending online.

    Any other NP schools that you think are good online programs?

    If I'm understanding things correctly one must have their NP degree before the end of 2014 or will then require a PhD degree for NP?

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  3. by   physio
    Quote from jossjjojo
    I am considering UOC for their NP program. Has anyone attended there. Have you/were you happy with their program. I would be attending online.

    Any other NP schools that you think are good online programs?

    If I'm understanding things correctly one must have their NP degree before the end of 2014 or will then require a PhD degree for NP?

    Before 2014 is just a suggestion, not set in stone.

    And it is not a PhD degree, its a DNP (they are vastlyy different)
  4. by   Marci A
    I just received my acceptance for fall 2011 for the Adult NP program at University of Cincinatti. (I applied in september for spring 2011). I would love to hear from anyone that has experience with their online program. I am also accepted at a local University- Madonna University here near Detroit- but would prefer an online program and this one would get me my degree sooner.
    My understanding of the DNP is that it is it is not a mandate yet- and they are looking at 2015 to implement this. No word on what happens to current NPs without
    doctoral degrees.
  5. by   criticalHP
    I have been 'attending' UC online for FNP since Jan 2010, and have one yr to go before graduation. Overall I am pleased with the quality of the education. Each quater is different and depends on the professors individual requirements. With that said, some are better than others. There have been classes where I have not had feedback from professors directly, but rather we were given a general class annnouncement to provide us with information about assignments (classes have about 200+ students). In other classes there was daily personal feedback. The pharmacy class was laughable...the information was outdated, and included meds that were removed from the market in 2007! Hopefully that will change.
    This is a fast paced program so be prepared to spend many hours at the computer or with your nose in a thick book. IT was a hard adjustment for me, and I eventaully had to cut back to part-time at work. They love research and theory in the first year, but I have to admit the classes were engaging.
    So far I have felt very postive about UC, and I've recommended them to some of my friends that want to return to school. Good luck to you
  6. by   Colin the Red RN
    agreed, I also attended online and on campus for FNP school at UC. Thus far, I have been happy with it, just overall any college administrative issues, but you will have that everywhere, Clinically, the experience is up to create, and is for you to set up. Keep this in mind early, that there are lots of other schools that "gobble" up potential preceptors, which is where RN experience can help. Most MD's I work with either have NP's or are thinking about it, and are more than happy to help, because they see that you have drive and ambition. And you are continuing your education, and may request you to assist with bedside procedures, and are oftentimes more helpful, and allowing you to do some skills (granted not outside of Nursing practice) and they are always doing the "higher" skills. Just saying that they are more apt to help and educate you while they are performing "another chest tube" than if you were a staff nurse not in NP school. Just a few thoughts!
  7. by   StudentAPRNinFL
    Dear Critical HP and Colin;

    It looks like you are well into the program, and I agree that on-line professors as well as on site professors can be good and bad; with that being said, how have your clinical experiences been? Colin, did you use a doc you worked with, and if so, were you able to get in all aspects of exposure?? Critical, who did you contact for your preceptorship? I have applied for the Spring ANP program beginning in Jan 2012, and as others have stated, I'm a bit nervous about finding my own preceptor. I thought about going to my local FL department of health out patient clinic, has anybody done this with success?

    In addition, how long does it take to get your acceptance or denial letter? The admissions counselor said it could take up to 12 weeks (I applied end of May 2011)?

    I really appreciate any and all responses!

  8. by   MandaRN94
    I will attending the UOC fall for the WHNP program. It took them 3 weeks for them to email me my acceptance after I applied. Looking forward to the program.
  9. by   aeplonk

    I am also starting the WHNP program in the Fall! Nice to find someone else who is in the same program!
  10. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    I was accepted to the UC distance program as well. I have not decided what I should do at this point... The person who "recruited" me/ harassed me into applying mislead me about the programs intent and goals. I am seeking education in Psych Mental Health nursing, ultimately PMHNP. I am still not able to obtain a straight answer on the outcomes as far as ANCC certification... Also, I use the words harassed me because she called me daily, emailed me daily and then sat on my application for 10 weeks... AND, after submitting everything she continued to ask for the same items and encourage me to apply under two different email addresses but the same phone number. (meaning she tried to recruit me three separate times simultaneously, but they claim "person/ individual attention." I thought this was odd for her not to recognize my name being the same because my name is VERY unique, They seem like a diploma mill to me....
  11. by   LaisaRN
    I recently started classes at the UofC for their WHNP program. And I love it! Like CriticalHP said, it takes time to adjust to it because it is fast pace. I am still working on that. The professors and facilitators I find to be helpful in answering in your questions. And of course the students are very helpful as well. Very encouraging, positive people.

    @MandaRN94, Hey! I am unable to reply back to your messages because I am still new with allnurses. I am not ignoring you! haha! Classes are going well so far. It is overwhelming but its something I am slowly getting used it. To be honest with you, I love the program thus far.
  12. by   canyonforest guys are encouraging!!! I'm going to take a look at this...thanks!
  13. by   sixty3dayswithSarah
    I really think that you guys should take a closer look at the school... My experience with them is disorganization, relentlessness recruitment tactics, and the reputation of the school...
    These are all very important issues, especially the reputation of the school.
    I know that the school seems wonderful, I think that you guys should look at other schools- and check their transferability....
  14. by   canyonforest
    Thanks for letting us know..I am keeping that in mind...I too have had
    a few negative experiences with other programs
    so thanks for this info