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MandaRN94 has 20 years experience and specializes in OB/GYN,PHN, Family Planning.

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  1. Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    When in doubt let's blame the President!- Which has nothing to do with the overall problem I worked at a family planning organization that has the same issues as the post that is supported by Obama. We still had senior management making horrible st...
  2. Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Same reason why I left my last job and accepted a job for a little less money but with a company that actually values its RNs and employees. Always seems like a no-brainer when a company has high turn-over rates due to poor job satisfaction yet seni...
  3. Pros and Cons of doing Masters

    I just completed my MSN after being a RN BSN since 94. I do agree that working experience is important before starting a MSN program as it helps with assignments and papers to pull from past experience. I enjoyed my MSN program as I was able to mi...
  4. PHN environment?

    I have worked in a variety of PH settings. I did home visits for high risk maternal/child health pts and for the last 10 years work in a family planning clinic and now as a nurse supervisor after I received my MSN. The best part of PHN is the auton...
  5. I'm a community nurse now!

    Congrats Rizz! Welcome to public health nursing -you will LOVE it! And do not let any nurse tell you that it is not a "real" specialty or nursing job. I've heard this too many times from acute care hospital nurses.
  6. I worked for my county public health dept and did home visits to high risk maternal/child pts. I basically did follow up for preemies, FTT kids, and LOTS of education for the parents.
  7. DNP/MPH or epi program?

    I ended up in a MSN program that has a specialty option in public health. I think the DNP/MPH route would be great. I looked into the U of Minnesota DNP program that has a specialty online public health track and epi classes. Good luck!
  8. interview advice please

    Be familiar with all the STIs and programs on your community, Tx for each, prevalence in your community, stats, etc..
  9. PHNs at the Health Dept...please read

    Don't stress yet. It took 2 weeks to hear back and I got the job. The county works painfully slow in the hiring process. Good luck!
  10. Medical trips to Gambia, West Africa?

    Not sure about Gambia but IVHQ has a lot of medical opportunities in Africa and very affordable.
  11. I have done volunteer nursing trips. I believe Project Helping Hands will take student nurses.
  12. Public Health Nurse for Health Dept

    Depends on your specific job description. Are you going to work in all the depts? In CA RNs can dispense hormonal birth control under a standing order, order STD labs, etc.. This is my area of specialty and I love it! I get to work very independe...
  13. Places for a Public Health Nurse to Work

    There are lots of opportunities for PHN! What area interests you -OB/GYN, Pedi, chronic health, etc... There are PHN jobs available just by speciality. I work in a family planning and STD clinic. There are also job for Pedi PHN case managers to f...
  14. What's Cali. life like?

    Born and raised in California -SD is nice but way too conservative for me. I have always lived in Northern Ca and love it. Northern CA are Southern CA are VERY different. I have lived in Santa Cruz County and in Tuolumne County (close to Yosemite)...
  15. HPV vax

    I agree Mariebailey. I also have recommended to friends/family the Gardasil series over Cervarix due to the broader coverage and had my daughter receive the Gardasil series -even though her Pedi was pushing Cervarix.