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MandaRN94 has 20 years experience and specializes in OB/GYN,PHN, Family Planning.

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  1. MandaRN94

    Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad?

    Look under Stanislaus County website. They have PHN and also staff nurse openings in the community clinic for new grads. Also just a FYI AB 2348 (access to birth control) was signed by Gov Brown -expect A LOT of RN community nursing and PHN positions opening soon in CA.
  2. MandaRN94

    Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad?

    There are PHN I openings in the central valley of CA. PHN I is a new grad, no experience.
  3. MandaRN94

    Can you be a PHN if you are a new grad?

    When I worked as a PHN our county did hire new BSN/PHN grads and also new grads hired into the NFP program at our office.
  4. MandaRN94

    Thinking of re-entering telephone triage

    My organizations pays $30-35 (In CA)
  5. MandaRN94

    Help us fix our clinic flow

    In our clinic walk- ins are taken care of 1st at the the front desk. They take care of the cost, insurance, paperwork, etc.. We call them them back review the chart then give them the vaccines or walk in care they need. Seems like your clinic needs to stream line the check in process.
  6. MandaRN94

    Public Health Nurse

    Public Health Nurses in CA must also have a public health nurse cert from the BoN. So I guess technically we do have 2 titles after our names. I also am in school for my MSN with a focus in PH.
  7. MandaRN94

    UVA-public health nursing leadership

    I am a MSN student at Benedictine U and I am completeing the public health focus. Job opportunities -depends what your interest is. I am a public health nurse and recently was promoted to a management position. Others want to teach public health nursing -esp needed for ADN to BSN programs.
  8. MandaRN94

    Nurse wants to volunteer oversea.

    I volunteered with MEDICO -highly recommend them. You do have out of pocket costs but they pay for lodging, food, med insurance. Well worth it and excellent experience.
  9. I volunteered with the organization MEDICO. They do medical volunteer trips to Central America. I highly recommend them -very organized, safe, excellent experience overall.
  10. MandaRN94

    Looking for help finding PHN Job any suggestions?

    Unfortunately public health nursing tends to pay much less than hospital nursing. I work in public health and nurses who work in public health love the job -it's definitely not for the high wages.
  11. MandaRN94

    Benedictine Online MSN

    In my 3rd online quarter class and really and enjoying my classes so far. Very doable while working almost full time.
  12. MandaRN94

    Would You Go To Haiti To Help?????

    Hi -musician's wife. I would love to hear about your experience with Project Medishare. I have a volunteer trip planned in March to Nicaragua with Medico and would love to volunteer in Haiti also. Can you PM me about your experience?
  13. MandaRN94

    How to prepare for dyalisis?

    First learn how to spell dialysis -sorry couldn't help myself!
  14. MandaRN94

    Health Dept. pay and work enviroment

    Keep in mind PH is also TB clinics, STDs, HIV testing, chronic illness. It's not just maternal/child health unless that is the position. I love PHN and the hours but I made 17/hr as a nursing assistant
  15. MandaRN94

    Health Dept. pay and work enviroment

    Ouch -$17 an hr? I was hired at my as PHN II and started at $37 but this is in California. I still cannot imagine $17/hr for any RN job in the US.
  16. MandaRN94

    I found my dream job in Public Health :)

    I will say that although I believe in the mission of PP -upper management in California has made some HORRIBLE decisions this past year. They laid off most of their RNs (over 65 in Southern CA about 20 in Nor Cal) and now the medical assistants do their job (not really). They are using only MAs and NP/PA teams. They also just decided to stop accepting presumptive eligibility Medical -(for certain sensitive services) which is going to have a HUGE horrible impact on our pts. I realize money and funding is a hot button issue but I feel upper management really has no idea what goes on the clinics. They've laid off some excellent NPs and RNs over the last few years -while the number of pts has only been increasing because of the economy and women losing their insurance. So while I support the mission I do not support what has been going on in California PP. Sorry -just had to vent!