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Stuck with dirty needle by fellow Nurse!

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I worked in a same day clinic with another nurse and there was an incident when we had given an injection to an 11 year old patient. Medication was administered in the glutes bilaterally. After I finished and put my safety shield up on syringe and was assisting the patient to pull up her pants, the other nurse was standing on the opposite side of the patient with her dirty needle in the air when I felt a pick; she had stuck my arm with the dirty needle.

I have put this issue aside even though this nurse did not handle the situation professionally. Immediately after the incident she chose to go outside for a smoke break and I had to be the one to report it to my supervisor and do a webcident report. After the incident I had no trust in this nurse and I viewed her as a very unprofessional nurse who had no regard for others.

I have recently been informed that this nurse is now telling co-workers that what she did was on purpose and has made jokes about it with her nursing team.

I have done my best to remain cordial with this nurse and keep a working relationship, however this is going to be extremely difficult to do after finding this out.

I would like to know how to handle this and I am asking for assistance in pressing charges. This is assault and needs to be dealt with legally.

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What is upper management doing about the matter? Have you told them what said?

oh hell no.

Red Kryptonite

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You need to go to HR now. That nurse needs to be fired with extreme prejudice. You should also file a complaint against her with the BON.

Anyone who would do that should not be allowed to practice. Anyone who would joke about that should not be allowed to practice.

So far I have spoke with a nursing supervisor who thinks its an inside "rumor" started by fellow nurses. My response was then what was her purpose to even discuss it? The nurse did not deny the accusation either!

I have also contacted an investigator, which I have received nothing more than a run around.

Not_A_Hat_Person, RN

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Report your co-worker to the BON, file a police report and talk to a lawyer. IANAL, but if she stuck you on purpose with a dirty needle it could be assault with a deadly weapon. If you have malpractice insurance, they can connect you to a lawyer.

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Agree with all of the above. Rumor or not, it got back to you and it needs to be investigated. If it turns out to be true, she needs to be tried to the full extent of the law and NEVER practice as a nurse again. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Continue to seek out all the resources you need to protect yourself.

That is seriously messed up. Never, EVER would I joke about something like that, and I am the first person to make light of situations. If I ever accidentally stuck someone I would not only be mortified and embarrassed, I would probably fall over myself apologizing.

I'm sorry that happened to you, and it stinks that you're having to deal with this. Good luck to you!

Wile E Coyote, ASN, RN

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^^^^x whatever. I rarely miss an opportunity to make a joke (similar coping mechanism described above) but that would be reserved for a very close friend whom I would be apologizing to in the next breath. This needs to be handled, and do not stop at your employer.

icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

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Your supervisor is minimizing a very serious incident in order to avoid liability for the employer. I hope you took pictures of the puncture or scratch. Did Employee Health test you and the patient for HIV and hepatitis? If not, call OSHA.

File a police report and let them investigate.

See an employment attorney. One who has no ties to this organization or your community. This is the definition of a hostile work environment.

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icuRNmaggie, BSN, RN

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Was there a parent present when this individual stabbed you with a dirty needle?

Start keeping detailed notes and forward any emails to your personal account. Do not discuss this with anyone, particularly if they are suddenly very friendly toward you; they are either fishing for gossip or trying to save their malicious friend.


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They need to interview every single nurse in the department and find out if she said this. If she did this on purpose, she needs to be fired, reported to the Board of Nursing, and reported to the police and arrested for assault.

How dare her.

Red Kryptonite

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I hadn't even thought of the police angle, but yes, if she did it on purpose that's prosecutable.

That is awful! I am so sorry this happened. Make sure you document when it happened and how it happened. Also, document the names of the people who told you that what she did was on purpose. Definitely report this to HR and the boards. What a horrible nurse!

LadyFree28, BSN, RN

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Get a lawyer-tomorrow!

sissiesmama, ASN, RN

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That is CRAZY! I really hope the stick was an accident but either way, crap!

If it was an accident and she's saying it wasn't, she's a moron. If it was on purpose and she's going around talking about that fact, there's no way she needs to be nursing - and prob needs to be charged with assault.

Either way, good luck with it. That's just crazy!!!

Anne, RNC