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  1. htown

    L&D to school nurse?

    Hello everyone! I have been an L&D nurse for about 2 years (went straight to labor and delivery after nursing school). I’m wanting to transition to school nursing but I am so nervous. I’m worried about lack of training and being on my own. I also fear emergencies/urgent matters such as asthma, seizures, and anaphylaxis. Also worried about type 1 diabetics. Some nurses I talk to say I’m crazy for being nervous as we see plenty of emergencies in labor and delivery. Do you feel you were adequately trained to be a school nurse? Or does everyone just have to sink or swim?
  2. I was mainly directing all of that at Bucky not you, sorry for the confusion. I wanted to add your quote in there because i wanted to touch on the point you made about international users.
  3. I am not going to go on a full rant on how the "TOS" are pretty ridiculous considering how they put it to maintain professionalism when there is a lot more things on these boards that are "unprofessional". And yes I understand for the sake of international nurses however Bucky, you abbreviated girlfriend to GF earlier in the forums would an international nurse understand this?Debatable. Just as debatable as if an international nurse could understand "ur" means "your" considering its the phonetic form of "your" i think its plausible an international nurse could understand but its debatable! And nursing students? I'm sorry but if anyone could understand text speak it would be a nursing student if we were to assume they were college age. Anyways, I am sorry my text speak has come off as so juvenile to you. I will try to contain myself to the terms of service in the future as to not degrade the morals and professionalism of this website by my use of "ur" instead of "your".
  4. "Grown ups" also have the ability to use context clues. I'm sure everyone knew what i meant by "ur" just like when you abbreviated "allnurses" to "AN".
  5. my advice is just let her know ur there for her but give her space to do her school work I'm sure u'll be busy too since ur in school also
  6. hey sorry for the late reply I got an 86 overall I think. i think I did poorly in the anatomy and chemistry sections but I thibk they don't look at the anatomy because some people haven't taken it yet. but u can go there and ask them questions I've been to the houston campus before they are nice! I have no clue my high school gpa depends weighted or unweighted I think the unweighted was like 3.5 I'm not sureeeee sorry:( i mainly studied math. my college gpa was a 2.85. I definitely think you should make an appointment with one of the people there to talk about everything cuz i think u have a great chance and they will raise ur confidence up. Sorry I don't remember much nursing school fried my brain :)
  7. htown

    NP or PA?

    I'm not sure why yall are all attacking op. yes I'm sure there are many threads asking the same question THEN IGNORE HER. how much free time must yall have on yalls hands to go prove she's not "a special snow flake". if yall spent as much time on her profile as u did searching for np vs. pa boards to prove her wrong you would see she's a new user. grow up and quit acting like teenage girls in the locker room.
  8. I go to the pearland campus and my gpa was almost exactly the same as yours for college and high school so you are good on that. Also I think on the hesi you have to get a (don't quote me) 75 or 76 I was aiming for an 80 and I think I got like a 86 total they care about your total score. they look at everything so they will look at you know your 3 years of community college as a really good thing. also for your hesi make sure to study conversions (grams to kgs and such) I found the English and grammar type questions to be pretty easy. also you get 2 try anyway so ull be fine! I definitely think you have a good chance of getting in just just take ur time on ur hesi. as long as u do well on that I'm sure ull get in.
  9. I'm still a student and I'm scared I won't be able to handle a fast paced environment but we will see
  10. I love fertility and labor and delivery
  11. htown

    Do you have dreams about your job?

    I am not a nurse yet but I am always scared I won't be able to act in an emergency situation but one time I had a dream I gave cpr and I felt alot better after
  12. I don't think it will be a disadvantage! if I am being frank it might turn out to be advantage if they need to meet a race quota. but also think of it like a buisness they want people with high gpas so they stay in good standing so focus on that. good luck.
  13. htown

    Stuck with dirty needle by fellow Nurse!

    oh hell no.
  14. htown

    Kaplan...What's the outcome?

    I haven't done Kaplan for a nursing test but I did take a Kaplan class for my SATs and my score went up alot!
  15. it's hard to say no to people's faces sometime the best way to say it would be "you bring your study guide and I'll bring mine and let's work together in the library. " that way you don't have to say no and the person doesn't just use your study guide. another great way is working on a Google doc together
  16. I have no experience with this but you should definitely talk to her or report her. you shouldn't argue with a patient tow here it turns into a huge argument that will make the patient stressed.