STNA salaries???


I am looking to become an STNA. The program I'm looking to take is offered by and Nursing home. I could be (no contract being signed) hired on directly after I finish the two week course & then of course pass the state test. They are offereing $8.90\hour as a new employee, does this sound about right? I was thinking that being certified would give me at least $9.50.

Does anyone know if that is a resonable starting price?

Do hospitals pay more for their STNA's?

Thank you for your help!!



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My friend started out in a Nursing home a little over $7.50 an hour 3-4 months ago, so count your blessings your starting as high as you are (we're from a small town though).

I'm not sure about the hospital.

Good luck to you!


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Wow only $7.50!? I will start counting my blessings! Thanks!

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(Putting on best crotchety granny voice...)

I made 3.35/hour as an NA before they had CNA's. This was circa 1988 when dinosaurs still roamed the Earth and that was still the minimum wage lol.

Best wishes to you! :)


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Wow $3.35/hr! How times have changed! Thank you for the best wishes Nurse Ratched!


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I made $7.25/hour as an aide. My facility starts STNA's out at $10/hour, with an added .25/hour attendance bonus, plus free meals. Had I known that when I was an aide, I would have worked there then.


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When I was a CNA I first worked at a nursing home for $8.60/hr (Midnights)...I now work as an intern just down the street and I make 8.10/hr..yea I made more at the NH, but I couldn't deal with getting bit and crapped all the same time! NH not for me!

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My facility in Dayton paid me $6.25 during my STNA training, then $9.20 when I started on the floor, and bumped me up to $9.35 after my first 90 days. It is also an excellent facility to work in, so I got very lucky.


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I am originally from cleveland where the strat pay is higher. I lived in Akron, for 13 years and when I got out of class I made $8.50 upon getting my license. I have always worked third shift. The highest I was paid was $10.55 an hour. I got my license back in '91

I now live in YOungstown, OH., and boy I wish I still was in Akron. I make on third shift here $8.15 as my base pay. Talk about a drop in pay. I guess it depends on the cost of living in your area.

I mean the LPN's here only make $14.99 an hour and in Akron, they made like $22-$26 an hour.

I am looking to brcome and LPN and moving to PA. where the pay is higher.


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Well it looks like the pay is around the same price range... Although it looks like where you live has something to do with it. I'm looking into a STNA program offered at the Cleveland Clinic, here in Cleveland. I havent asked yet what the pay rate is, I'm honestly not concerned about it anymore. I'm really looking to get out of my current job and start doing something in the medical field. This program doesnt start until June\July... but later better than never!


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megst, I just moved to dayton and am wondering if you know of anywhere aroung here that offers an stna training program?


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olive3 said:
megst, I just moved to dayton and am wondering if you know of anywhere aroung here that offers an stna training program?

I am taking an STNA classes at Miami Valley Medical College on Edwin C. Moses Blvd. The class is 2 weeks long. It costs $590 and that includes tuition, books, and the cost of taking your state exam. If you want, the phone number for them is 937-225-9742. I haven't started my classes yet so I can't give any real references about what the school is actually like. I had to get a physical and a two-step TB test before I could apply. I got those done at Urgent Care for $90.

I also know that Greene County Career Center offers STNA classes. I think they cost $485 and you have to pay to take the state test (about $97 I think)

Good luck!