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  1. emndarmic

    Nasty and mean patients

    I also work in a hospital with LTC patients. We have a wing of elderly and rehabilitation patients. I am amazed at how other aides have told me horror stories about certain patients to find out myself that they are my favorites. For example this one patient that NOBODY likes (except for me I think)... anyways...I went in w/ a good attitude and TONS of encouragement on their part and LOTS AND LOTS of smiles for them. I have received nothing but respect from her the past month of my working with her. I know that certain patients are SOOOO angry and disrespectful towards us but I TRY not to take it personally. In one way or another their lives have been turned upside down from illness of some kind to be hospitalized or just plain ole' old age. When they upset us so badly, we just need to take a deep breath and remember that we are some day going to be where they are, whether we're hospitalized for surgery or because we're 102 yrs old. But..I must agree, people can be so disrespectful.
  2. emndarmic

    I got the job!

    Yeah for you!! Keep us informed on your new job..what type of place are you going to be working in?
  3. emndarmic

    Well, it finally happened after 2.5 years...

    To be honest with you...I wish all nurses were as nice as you were to this lady! I had my gallbladder out this past Thursday and had nothing but nice nurses, but what I'm saying is not everyone is nice and from what you wrote your one that I would LOVE to have. You sound like a good, careful, loving nurse :) Sorry this daughter brought down your spirits, some people are just SO mean.
  4. emndarmic

    Wages For Cnas In Home Health

    I work for an agency that pays me $8.00 an hour, no gas reimbursement or anything. I love my client so it makes me happy with little pay. I'd rather work for little pay and LOVE my job than work for more money and hate my job. Besides, I start back to college full-time in September and won't be working, I can handle it until then. Good luck to you~!
  5. emndarmic

    Called for a job interview today..

    I'm excited..I received a call from HR about a position at a hospital. The position I applied for is in the pediatric/surgical unit. I checked the boxes for both part-time and full-time so I'm unsure of what I would be working. I do know they are 12 hr shifts with every 3rd weekend rotation. Before my interview can anyone tell me what an in-experienced CNA would do in a hospital setting. I work home health and my job is mostly cleaning houses. Not a whole lot of patient interaction right now, my people even shower themselves for the most part. I just finished my CNA class early June so I'm just curious. At the hospital the pay is a low $8.30 an hour and I would have to drive almost 60 miles round trip to work. I'm going to see what they have to offer as far as pay raises since the gas prices are killing everyone. What do you think...I think I would like the patient interaction more than home health, even though I can honestly say..I like my job right now, but only 9 hrs a week at $8.00 an hour doesn't do much for the pay check. TIA..
  6. I never made it to my state test on Sunday 6/22/08. My grandpa was passing away just as I was suppose to be on my way to the test site. I chose to not take the test and be with my mom. I never called or anything and to be completely honest with you that was the furthest thing from my mind at the moment. Well today is Tuesday and the calling hours so I guess I should call and give a reason for not taking the test. I'm kinda contemplating not even taking the test since I am happy working Home Health and really don't need my state test to do so. I go back to school full-time in Sept with a full credit hour load so I will not be working except in the summer for extra cash for the next 2 yrs. Hmmm, I'll have to think about it. Do you think this will reflect badly on me since I didn't make a phone call any sooner? Just wasn't feeling up to it. To top it all off, his passing date was also my 12th wedding anniversary. Not a good day this year. TIA..
  7. emndarmic

    To lock or unlock wheel chair..

    I just finished up my CNA classes earlier this month and was taught when parking someone in a wheelchair for a while to NOT lock the chair. I seen a lot of residents using their feet to pull the chair along during my clinicals. That has to be good for their legs. In any case, we were taught to lock them for transfers etc.
  8. emndarmic

    CNA interview for float pool

    Good luck on your interview. Always look them in the eyes when speaking to them or listening to them (shows your interested ) Be yourself and give them your best smile You'll do great I'm sure!! Good luck again... keep us posted.
  9. emndarmic

    Just starting and already discouraged.

    I second the run comment above, run as fast as you can. Most LTC facilities are begging for help. Keep looking for a better job, it's people like you that make a difference. You're doing the right thing, they are being child like in behavior and in health care there just is NO room for that behavior. Good luck and keep us posted!
  10. emndarmic

    Gotta brag on myself

    I was a LOUSY student in high school (graduated way back in 1990). My grade point average was terribly low and I just didn't care at the time. A few months ago I was diagnosed with ADHD and have been on medication every since, not only am I feeling better mentally it carries over to my life in general making me happier, easier to be around etc. Well...I just finished my college finals last week and check my grades online yesterday and I am now a 4.0 student. I was so surprised!!! I went from a low 1.7 G.P.A. in high school to a college 4.0. Anyone else want to share any stories like mine. It's so encouraging to read about others who overcame obstacles in life and came out on top.
  11. emndarmic

    Finding work after becoming certified

    I found employment while still in class. I couldn't start until my clinicals were complete so it took me 2 weeks after being hired to start working. I still haven't taken my state test though, I take it on Sunday. God willing I will pass it::chuckle
  12. emndarmic

    Refusal question..

    Hello.. I just started working HH last Monday and already having issues with it. I went to a persons house on Wed for a short few minutes (literally), I picked her up to run to the store etc. I was with her for about 2 hrs and only dropped her off and carried her grocery's back to the apartment (very very small apartment), I did not stay in there because she wanted to put her own stuff away and told me to just leave everything on the couch..so I did. Well, the problem I have is since then I have been sick. I'm sneezing like crazy, coughing, runny nose. All the same symptoms of a head cold but a little different to me. As I get older I find more allergies, the cotton on our trees is blowing like crazy this week too so it could be that, the persons house I went to has 11 cats...11 indoor cats that absolutely smell terrible and she lives in absolute filth. My DH is telling me to refuse this women that they put me with for 3 hrs on Monday "cleaning her house". I am thoroughly disgusted with this, I have cried over it because the house is literally a path to walk through which is full of kitty litter. My vehicle smelled like cat just from her riding w/ me, it took 2 disinfectant sprays and 2 days to get rid of the smell. Can I refuse her since working just a very few short days. I'm thinking of quitting already because they have me working EVERY day a few hours 8 miles away from me, I get every other weekend off, thats the only days that I will be scheduled off of work, every other weekend. My schedule ends up being 12 days on, 2 days off every other weekend. I do not get gas mileage, make $8.00 an hour and have to run people to out of town appts or whatever on my gas which is now $4.00 a gallon. I told them I wanted part time being 3-4 days a week not part time hours EVERY day, I have 3 kids, go to college and have a husband to help take care of. Any thoughts? TIA
  13. emndarmic

    Aides and LPN questions...

    Hi.. I am getting ready to take a STNA course, then I am in route to LPN next spring after I work as an aide for the experience that I desire. I have never worked in the health field at all and am very very much feeling this in my soul that I want to do this. I am taking a course through a HH agency which I am hoping will offer a job after my NA course is complete, what can I expect as a HH aide (I'm sorry if this has been asked many times before) and what will I do as an LPN after my schooling (I'm already taking pre-reqs towards my LPN)? I am very excited to get on with my new life (I'm a teachers aide for a autistic boy and am ready for a change), anything you can offer me would be great...I know every state is different, but what is typical pay for an LPN in HH? Do you get mileage or anything like that? I'm in Ohio. Thanks..
  14. emndarmic

    "Practical" way to ease nursing shortage

    Awesome article..and so very true! Thanks for posting :)
  15. emndarmic

    Portsmouth Ohio Nurses anyone else here

    Hello, I am from around Columbus and am taking pre-reqs towards my LPN which will not start until Aug of 07', so that gives me time to get a few classes out of the way! Just wanted to say HI to you! P.s. I am married and have 3 children and am 34 yrs old.
  16. emndarmic

    STNA salaries???

    Hello, My friend started out in a Nursing home a little over $7.50 an hour 3-4 months ago, so count your blessings your starting as high as you are (we're from a small town though). I'm not sure about the hospital. Good luck to you!