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Wow, I am so nervous! I am 32 and trying to go back to school. I wanted to go back last semester and I basically chickened out! I have 3 children, and I am just worried about this whole thing. My financial aid is all set up, I have only 2 general studies courses before I can start my nursing classes, and I just want to scream! I am trying to take night courses for a couple of semesters just to get back in the swing of things, and the chemistry class that is a prereq to EVERYTHING has only 6 spots left open. I register on the 10th, so I hope I can get in. AAAHHHH!!!!!

Thanks for listening to me ramble, I am just so anxious, I knew you would all understand!


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ramble away! i went back to college at 42, i was so nervous that first semester. now i can't believe i was that worried about it.


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Thanks! I am the type of person who really loves school and the whole studying thing. It makes me feel good that I am doing something for myself. However, I think my children are worrying me the most. I know I will be away alot, but that's where Dad steps in, right?!

Good luck to you, also.

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Hang in there. I know you'll do fine. I was 37 when I started back, two years ago. I have children at home also, but we're all doing all right. It is an adjustment, but you can do it!

Good Luck!



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We've got quite a bit in common!

Same age (okay, okay, I have one year on you), three children, penchant for exclamation points when we write....

I will be starting school on the 16th of the month. Taking my 2 non-nursing classes first - one evening, one during the day. Hope to catch a couple classes during the summer session and then will start full time in the fall, when my youngest starts kindergarten.

Very excited, quite a bit nervous, reading the bulletin boards for inspiration (which, by the way, I am finding!)

Best of luck to you.



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hi, i think you'll find that you enjoy school much more at this age. i was 37 when i started back and i am really loving learning! best of luck! :)


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Hi All,

I started back 1 1/2 years ago, one year full-time, will be 45 when I finish the RN and I want to teach someday so I won't be finished after that !

Hats off to all of you with young children and who also work and go to school !

My kids are 19, 13 and 12 and a husband, all are very supportive.



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You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure you'll do just fine, and the family will life through it with now long lasting effects. In fact they will be really happy when the extra money starts comming in.


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I hope you get in, let us know !!:eek: :eek:


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I went back to school at 39. I thought those young people were going to think I was so pathetic. A man of my age should be thinking about how he's going to end his career gracefully with enough in retirement, not starting one!

I had never gotten an "A" in anything but P.E. in my highschool days but was so determined not to be that below average student that I wanted to see what I was capable of. I wanted to reach my potential. Even if I failed to get an "A" I wanted to know in my heart that for once I tried to acheive.

I took seven credits the first semester. Since I had prepared before the entrance exam I tested into algebra. I was scared **itless. What was I thinking? This is just a review for these kids and I'm going to look like such a goof! I had failed general math in highschool and Biology was a "D" if it had not been for the G.E.D. I would not have gotten out and here I was taking algebra and biology at the college level:confused:

I did so well in Biology that I didn't have to take the final and even spent some time tutoring. Algebra was even easier for me since it followed specific rules so I found that if you memorized them the teacher couldn't "trick" you with a bizzar question.

This last semester I spent time running a study group that helped students that would otherwise have failed, to pass. One of them damm near got an "A". One of my greatest achievements.

Through fifteen credits so far I have all "A" s. I'm taking ten credits this next semester including an honors section in Anatomy II. My next goal is being on the Deans List for part-time students.

You are very fortunate to be at your age entering this endeavor. I don't think those other students value thier education or academic status like you do because you've already lived in the "real world" and you have a better understanding of what it means to achieve and how it feels to not have given something your best effort.

Now get in there and open up a little can of academic whoopass!


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Wow, after reading all the replies It is nice to see that I am not the only close to 40 student out there!! I started back to school with a husband, dairy farm, and 4 boys 15,13,11 and 4 years old! It was a little difficult at first feeling guilty about leaving the kids to fend for themselves at times but they say quality time instead of quantity!

I am starting my spring semester of my junior year and time has flown!!!! My husband and family have been very supportive and all know that within two years a nice paycheck will be coming in the house!!! You will do fine!! Good Luck;)


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I completely agree! Even though I have been out of college for about 10 years, I am going back as a Junior. I didn't care what I did before, because i was so young. Before, I was there on mommy and daddys money- now it's my money, my education, and if I screw up, it's all ME! Not that young students don't care, but you have to be focused and really WANT it. Which I do! And I am exactly the way you were in math and biology. I had to take 2 basic math classes in college before I could even get into college algebra, and the sciences were even worse. When I go back now, my first hurdle will be chemistry, which by the way I NEVER had in high school. So that will be quite the eye opener. Anyway, thank you so much for your encouragement. I know it can be done.

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