Starting school next week???

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Katnip, RN

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Yes, you can do it.

Like Peeps said, you'll value what you're doing now more than you ever did as a kid.

I'm 45, in my junior year, which makes this my realy official nursing school year. I puttered with my prereqs before that.

You'll be fine. You'll be great. Your kids will be fine. Trust me. I thought mine would have a hard time, but they're taking it all in stride. (I had hoped that seeing me in school would motivate the boys into doing better in school themselves, but no such luck).

My husband still hasn't learned to cook anything but spaghetti, but they manage on nights when I can't be there to make dinner.

It will work out, and when you're done you'll be so proud of your achievement. Hang in there!

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