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Starting nurse practitioner at 35 is it too late?


I am starting my BScN degree in the fall when I graduate as an RN i'll be 32. I plan on working a few years and apply to grad school for nurse practitioner at 35. I'm wondering if anyone has gone for the nurse practitioner degree around this age or older? I figured out what I truly wanted a little later in life as i'm in my late 20's right now.

Silverdragon102, BSN

Specializes in Medical and general practice now LTC. Has 32 years experience.

Not too late, I know a few that did their NP and was over 50


Has 13 years experience.

Nope. My NP was in her 50s. I think having a good amount of nursing experience before NP is a good idea.


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Best NPs I've ever worked with had decades of RN experience behind them.

I started grad school at 35 years old, with eight years of nursing experience. I was ten years older than the next oldest person in my specialty track. There were people there (in other specialties) significantly older than me. Not a big deal.

I started BScN at this age, of course its not too late! I have a friend who became an NP at 53, though it was in the States. It's never too late for anything, good luck.

Nope you'll be finished in your later 30's. Not too late at all.

vintage_RN, BSN, RN

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It's only too late when you're dead í ¾í´ª

Anything that helps you be better and happier than you are now is 100% worth the time and effort and sacrifices and late night study. Never too late for education, especially with the high level of competition out there. My dad did his PhD at 52, finished at 56 and he's very glad to have done it. I'm about to bridge from RPN to BScN I'll start this September, by then I'll be 32, by the time I finish I'll be 35, trust me I know how it can be overwhelming and nerve racking but it's worth it. You go do it because you can and you want to. Always walk forward never sit. -L