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  1. Overtime in Ontario

    Are you unionized? If you are check your contract. I would be putting in for it.
  2. What's the most consecutive hours and days you have ever worked?

    I've done lots of 16s. Once when I was working 8 hour nights I did 16 in a row. Now I work 10 hour days and today is 3 of 9.
  3. American RN trained in UK wanting NY licensure

    Any board in the US will require you to be generalist trained.
  4. UK nurse registration for Ontario

    Are you in Ontario now and have you been working as an RPN? You would need to get your BSN and if you are going to work in Canada you should get your BSN there.
  5. Can't work two jobs?

    It's not uncommon for facilities to have a rule about staff not moving between settings. You may have to try and pick up as much as you can at job #1.
  6. Vaccination Mandating

    Yeah because its our fault people are gullible idiots. Have actually talked to an anti vaxxer?
  7. Canadian School Nurses?

    It's not really a thing up here asfar as I know. But I'm in Ontario so it may be different in BC. Do you have a BSN?
  8. Less stressful nursing job in ontario

    It can be. Residents are more independent and easier to communicate with due to less cognition issues. You could try community nursing as well. How long have you been a nurse? Pretty much any area will have issues.
  9. Less stressful nursing job in ontario

    Have you tried a retirement home?
  10. Vaccination Mandating

    People can choose to not have the vaccine but they also have to accept the consequences and restrictions.
  11. As far as I know you need a BSN.
  12. Irish trained psychiatric nurse to usa

    There are no Psychiatric nurses in the US. You need to be generally trained and have completed theory and clinical hours in adult, peds, OB/gyn and mental health nursing.
  13. How to report concerns

    You need to document incidents and keep copies. If you bring your concerns forward present them calmly and don't exaggerate. I would also look for another job
  14. American educated RN leaving america

    I was responding to the person that claimed 5-6 patients per room, all paper charting and grueling schedules.
  15. American educated RN leaving america

    I don't know where you got your ideas from but none of that is true about nursing in Canada.