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  1. Lucydog14

    RN to Bscn?

    As far as I know you don't need experience first. The process is very lengthy from what I have heard. Botox injecting requires extra education and nursing experience first.
  2. Lucydog14

    Scarborough Health Network

    How can part time not have guaranteed hours? You should be guaranteed part time hours.
  3. Have you tried applying as a mature student. I didn't even have a HS diploma. Or you could do the one year pre health science program
  4. Lucydog14

    Mental health jobs

    Have you tried Homewood in Guelph?
  5. Lucydog14

    USA RN to relocate to Canada

    They don't have nursing residencies in Canada. Some places have new grad programs but uou have to be fresh out of school.
  6. Lucydog14

    Mental Health/Addiction courses Canada

    It is not just one college. Many offer these courses and we work in areas where we can utilize these skills. You quite clearly are clueless. Our skill set is almost as broad as an RN. When I worked in a hospital many times my assignment belonged to an RN the previous shift. We are real nurses. When you are getting off your high horse be careful, that first step is a ***. Tuck and roll.
  7. Lucydog14

    Mental Health/Addiction courses Canada

    Nope. There are tons of courses RPNs can take. RPNS are nurses too and they can specialize just like RNs. There are mental health , cardiac care, peri operative, palliative, foot care, OR, gerentology, wound care, antepartum, breastfeeding, orthopedics, diabetic ED, oncology, pediatric assessment, EKG, infection control, probably more. Why would you think RPNs/LPNs can't specialize.
  8. Lucydog14

    How to become a NP?

    The OP is in Canada and you definitely have to get experience before an NP Program.
  9. Lucydog14

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    You can't just " sign up" for only one shift. Occasionally a line will be just days or nights but unless that is specified you are expected to work all shifts, that is usually in the job description. Seniority has little to do with it except that a straight days or nights line posted internally may be awarded based on seniority. You just get used to the rotation.
  10. Lucydog14

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    Where I worked for years the ER (and most of the units) were 12 hour 730a-730p shifts. The ER schedule was 2 days, 2 nights, 5 off. The pension was HOOPP ( hospital of Ontario pension plan), bur some places have different ones. For every dollar we contributed the hospital kicked in $1.25
  11. Lucydog14

    US nurse considering move to Canada

    Yeah pretty much everywhere is unionized. You do pay into an old age pension but most nurses also pay into nursing specific pensions as well that the employer contributes to. Many places do employ PSWs that assist the nursing staff. Some places still do paper charting but that's pretty rare. Shifts are generally 12 hours and are pretty much 7a -7p or 7p -7a. A lot of the time you rotate between days and nights
  12. Lucydog14

    How to become a NP?

    You need years of nursing experience first. NP is advanced practice nursing. You can't work at an advanced level with no experience.
  13. Lucydog14

    Operating Room RN working in Canada?

    I would think that having solid experience in a specialty would definitely be a big plus. Starting point would be looking into the immigration process and applying to the NNAS.
  14. Lucydog14

    Ontario/Toronto RPN Programs

    Sheridan is just fine. After all, they all cover the same curriculum and prepare you for the same exam so it’s not going to really matter where you go.
  15. Lucydog14

    OIIQ french language test exmemptions

    What did they say when you asked them?