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  1. So why are you using American lingo?
  2. Lucydog14

    BScN or RPN? I'm worried about cost?

    Have you looked into OSAP?
  3. Lucydog14

    Irish Psych nurse wanting to move to Canada

    Not all international nurses are made to take the one year course. That is inaccurate.
  4. So complete the prerequisites and apply to U of T. Going to nursing school makes zero sense.
  5. Nursing is not a stepping stone to dentistry. It’s a four year program for a completely different profession.I don’t follow your thinking.
  6. Yeah. Practical Nursing is five semesters where I am.
  7. Lucydog14

    Summer Jobs In Toronto

    There are PSW jobs in hospitals and LTC. You can get to work by public transit.
  8. Lucydog14

    Summer Jobs In Toronto

    Look for a PSW job.
  9. Lucydog14

    Advice Needed!

    Is a degree a requirement for the BCIT program?
  10. Lucydog14

    Ontario colleges website

    Mail them?
  11. Lucydog14

    Nurses calling POA to notify

    Where I worked POAs had to be notified about things such as falls and it was our job. But you could wait until morning unless they were injured.
  12. Lucydog14

    Nursing Pre-requisite courses

    Yeah I’ve never heard of a BSN program not admitting noncitizens.
  13. Lucydog14

    Nursing in Canada

    The hospital I worked in had PSWs
  14. Lucydog14

    Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    Why wouldn’t they? Many nurses enjoy LTC.
  15. Lucydog14

    Pain Relief in Hospice

    I used to work in a residential hospice. Almost all of our residents had PCA pumps. Otherwise they had subcutaneous ports.
  16. Lucydog14

    Saying No to extra shifts, is it bad if you're new?

    Being new has nothing to do with picking up shifts.

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