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  1. ffooxx

    Best shoes for 12 hours

    Asics GT, amazing shoes - made a huge difference for me!
  2. ffooxx

    Nurses 'Eat their Young?!'

    "Stay out of drama" is the best advice I was ever given by a seasoned nurse!
  3. ffooxx

    Can't find a job

    Respectfully, I disagree - yes, maybe I wouldn't bring your academic success up during the actual interview but I would definitely leave it on the resume. You don't get good grades simply by being "book smart", it also means you are focused and not afraid of hard work.
  4. ffooxx

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    LPN is not a nursing assistant. There are two types of nurses in Canada: LPNs (aka RPNs, licensed/registered practical nurses) it's a 2 year program, and RNs (Registered Nurses) with a BScN degree.
  5. ffooxx

    Med Error Advice...

    That's wonderful news - very happy for you!
  6. ffooxx

    Med Error Advice...

    I'm really sorry you have to go through this...good luck!
  7. ffooxx

    Was I hired? I'm freaking out

    I would suggest emailing instead rather that calling and putting people on the spot. Thank them for the interview and inquire whether you're still considered for the position. I do, however, think you read too much into what they said, they were just answering your "what if" questions, not actually offering you the job.
  8. ffooxx

    Med Error Advice...

    I disagree...yes, the OP is responsible but so is whoever prepared the vancomycin and did not label the bag, that's an even bigger mistake, in my opinion. How was she/he supposed to check the medication if the bag did not have any identification/label on it and looked like a regular bag of fluids?
  9. ffooxx

    Another NCLEX Shut off in 85 questions thread

    oh sorry, missed that part :)
  10. ffooxx

    Another NCLEX Shut off in 85 questions thread

    Actually the minimum number of questions is 75, not 85 - sounds like you were getting higher level questions though, I'm sure you did well. I didn't do the pvt for the same exact reason, didn't want to risk getting charged. Good luck!
  11. ffooxx

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    You know what I mean, yes technically we pay for it with our taxes - however, we definitely do not have the financial resources available to the US hospitals.
  12. ffooxx

    Working in MedSurg with ONLY RNs...

    I also work in a major Canadian city, my unit is considered acute/RN only - we have one patient care assistant for our entire unit, so naturally most times you end up doing everything yourself. We live in a country that provides free healthcare, of course we are on a tight budget.
  13. I almost passed out once when I was a student, watching a resident starting an epidural anesthesia...she was good and she got it, but it took a long time to find the right spot initially, and the idea of a gigantic needle going near someone's spine really irked me. I also got to watch a pretty intense and complicated c-section and one of the observers, also a nursing student, passed out. Not from the site but from the smell of cauterization. It is not uncommon, you just need to get used to it.
  14. ffooxx


    If it makes you feel any better, I cried pretty much non-stop from the moment my test shut down at 75 questions until I got my results, and I passed :) it is normal to feel nervous and unsure.
  15. ffooxx

    Nclex was awful

    Thank you so much for your encouragement these last few days!
  16. ffooxx

    Nclex was awful

    Oh my God, praise the Lord, I passed!!! I just got my results in the mail!