Starting with Excelsior in 2011

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Happy New Year everyone!!!

Is anyone like me starting Excelsior in 2011? My goal is to complete my ADN by June/July 2011.

I'm ready to get the ball rolling and get it done in 2011. I'm starting with H&S and then Transitions.

Best of luck to all starting school in the New Year. :)

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I too plan on starting in 2011, I am an LPN with the VA currently and just found out that the EC program is eligible for the VA scholarship (VANEEP). I'm going to try for that, if not, I'll just have to pay as I go.

Good luck, I know 2 VA nurses that were LPN's and achieved their RN thru EC.

Tony in TN


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Good luck with your program.


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I'm right there with you starting this year. Good luck everyone!


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Me too. I just got my unofficial evaluation this past week. I need 10 Elective Credits and the Nursing portion.

Very happy & excited.

Been a LPN for going on my 18th year, all in long term care.

Good Luck this year!!!


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Im getting ready to start also! I got my unofficial eval on thursday, and Am going to be doing the program from Korea!

But I have like 60 credits to take! I will be doing school full time and be in Korea with my husband (in the army) , and we will be there for two years, so I have a good chunk of time to study! Good luck!

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Just wanted to say good luck to everyone! I had 15 gen eds and all the nursing ones to do when i started last can see in my signature what i took and when..i should be done by June this year i'm VERY excited, 2011 is the year of the RN for me =)


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I am getting started as well..downloaded the study guide for Health and Safety going to get that one done first to get a feel of what their exams are like...then I think I will do my A&P and Micro...want to get as much done before having to pay the enrollement fee ...Good luck


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I'm mailing in my enrollment this week! I am hoping to be done by August or September of this year. I am already finished with Health Safety and Transitions. Good luck to everyone... we will all have to support each other to finish our RN degree this year!!


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Good luck Everyone... I enrolled couple months ago hoping to be done in June, latest August. BeachNurse maybe we'll do graduation together :)


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Does EC accept VA LPN now?


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Hi Everyone,

I would also like to take the EC journey with all of you this year! Just flunk out of ADN program in 3rd semester by 1 point due to a horrible grade received for a "Cultural Paper", mind you I am an excellent writer in all previous coursework....don't know why this instructor failed me....Anyway, I'm moving on. I think if I get accepted at EC it will be a better fit for me. I applied last week and waiting now for the evaluation process. I would like to start as soon as possible so I can get done by December 2011. The problem is I don't want to start taking exams until I am for sure accepted. I know a lot of info is fresh in my mind now so the sooner the better. I am ready to knock out the exams and then schedule CPNE by September. Any thoughts?

I am looking forward to supporting each other here....Good luck all!