Start lpn school monday! July8


I'm a 23 year old mom been out of school for 5 years really nervous any advice study tips or supply info would be much appreciated thanks

Yay class of 2014

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I'm a 23 year old mom been out of school for 5 years really nervous any advice study tips or supply info would be much appreciated thanks

Yay class of 2014

Congrats to you on your new journey. What school are you attending? I start on September myself. I just recommend you stay on top of your studies and material try not to fall behind. Good luck keep us posted on the first few weeks.

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Hey congrats! I'm going to baptist health schools I'm excited ill be sure to try and post about the first couple weeks!


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CONGRATS.... It's definitely a lot of hard work & dedication. I am in 3rd month of the PN Program. Yayyyy!!! I just recently took my finals for A&P and Tuesday I will be taking it for Fundamentals. I'm still very much excited about the program, but I do have my moments. I think in my 3rd wk I was like Noooo I cant do this!!! but I Prayed on it & had a wonderful support team from my instructors & fellow classmates. I am grateful that I choose to hang in their. It took me awhile to find my rhythm (I.e school wrk, long hours of studying) but I am pleased to announce that I am NOW doing exceptionally well. I wish you all the best. Keep me posted! Remember study, study, study ;)


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I dont have any advice, really... But I start on Aug 5, so let us know how it goes!!! GOOD LUCK!!


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Thanks guys I'm really excited and nervous but I just keep saying to myself failing is not an option lol and it's not haha so like I said any advice would be put to good use here an I will try to post how it goes


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Good luck!! I start in August... It's very exciting :)


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Congrats!! I start in August too!! {AUGUST 19}

I think it's the best birthday gift ever!!!


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Congrats! I start in September as wwell!!! I would def say brush up on some a&p. These lpn programs are fast paced and a&p is a lot to take in in a short period of time! Idk if your program will be the same. Mine actually told us to buy a&p book and last year there was a quiz during orientation!


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Good luck! Ill be needing some words of encouragement soon.


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I'm just going to say one thing that I do know all of us that stalk the pages here at all nurses looking for that one message that's going to just click and then your just gonna know you can do it well sadly that's not going to happen but the fact that we care enough to research hours on end on what to expect and whatever else we look for shows dedication as long as we keep the same drive to know more about anything then I don't see how we will fail we WILL be nurses and then a year or so from now we can come back and hopefully help some one else deciding to embark on this journey kuddos to us for making are future happen instead of waiting to see where we will end up as long as we try and do this we know exactly where we are heading....I hope this motivates those that are looking for it and for those who are thinking about giving up DON'T you go this!!!!!

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Take the time to enjoy and appreciate it amongst the hard work people lose track of their passion. Read and learn because you want to not just because its assigned. Always ask and try to learn why rather than just memorizing.