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Holy cow!:eek: What a year! My first year of the nursing program is OVER!

I only have 3 semesters left. I think I managed to squeak by with straight "A's" too.

This last semester was enough to try a soul. Some of you followed me through it and I thank you for all the kind words and encouragement. As a recap, this semester I: got married, put a contract down to build a house, got treated for stage 1 cervical cancer, had an abdominal laparoscopy for endometriosis removal then, about 7 weeks ago, got pregnant (due around christmas) and sold my current house earlier this week. Throughout all of this, I still kept everything up with school. I am so freakin' proud of myself! Sorry for tooting my own horn, but everyone here is so supportive.

Now I don't feel cliche' when I say to newbie student nurses or nursing school wannabes, "It can be done!" Because now I know it really can!!!

Good luck everyone who is taking their finals and also those who are awaiting their acceptance letters.

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Congratulations!!!!! Awesome job!


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Wow - what a woman! My hats off to you and be true!


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Congrats Alyssa! You have every right to be proud!

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You go girl! Just reading all that inspires me! You deserve everything you have worked so hard for this year!


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Congrats, Alyssa!

You ARE an inspiration!

So many folks (fellow students, even profs) have told me "Don't expect to make the kind of grades you're used to in Nursing classes." I'm glad to hear it can be done, even with a busy "real" life!

How's the pregnancy coming? Are you feeling well? It looks as if you even manged to "time" the baby to coincide with Christmas break!


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Way to go....good luck with everything and Keep up all the good work...you have been working really hard!! Keep us posted with the new baby on the way...and enjoy your summer with your hubby!


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Thank you everyone. And, I only wish I had something to do with the timing of the baby. The whole thing was a big "oops" :eek:

I was using the PATCH.

I'm actually feeling perfectly fine. If my chest weren't the size of canada right now, I wouldn't believe it was even real!!! :chuckle


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Originally posted by babynursewannab

I'm actually feeling perfectly fine. If my chest weren't the size of canada right now, I wouldn't believe it was even real!!! :chuckle

That made me laugh ... I remember being a few months pregnant and still having a slim body but these voloptuous mountains of flesh on my chest! I got more looks from guys during those few weeks (before my belly grew bigger) than in my whole life!

Congrats on all of you have done ... you are an inspiration to those of us who want to continue living lifes ups and downs while still getting straight A's!!!! Now we know it can be done!


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Congrats!!! :D That's so cool!

But..... I have a question.... how can you "squeak" by with A's??!!? :D



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alyssa, congratulations!

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