1st semester: How many students have you already lost?

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Just curious where everyone else is with this in their program. I know the numbers will continue to drop after the first semester, and then again after the second. Seems like the the second year is when it stabilizes and the students left are in it for the long haul. We have already lost 25% of our first year. SG


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Started with 30, down to 25. Everyone that dropped did so voluntarily, mostly due to personal problems (we live in hurricane alley this year).



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I'm in the first half of my third semester and so far we have lost about 10 students per semester.


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Out of 48, we lost just one first semester

Then three more second semester

I worry most about this semester (3rd). This seems to be the semester in our program where larger numbers traditionally leave the program. Seniors last year lost 12+ (out of a class of around 40) at the end of 3rd-->25% failing out in third semester does not bode well . . .

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We haven't lost ANY yet, can you believe that? But they are making it tougher everyday, like suprise quizzes. I wonder if at mid term they will tell the ones that aren't passing to drop or just let them continue until the end? Out of 30 last year only 13 made, We have said we were going to be the first class where 30 actually made it all the way!!! Wouldn't that BE great???

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Started with 60, down to 57. No one has failed out, all 3 just dropped out/quit. #1 decided nursing wasn't for her after all. #2 just got into nursing school to prove to some other people she could, dropped out to run off with her boyfriend. #3's husband is a PhD chemist, she has an education degree and just found out she's pregnant, so decided to be a stay-at-home mom instead.

I feel bad about these folks just up and quitting, seems like their spot could have gone to someone else who really wanted/needed to become a nurse instead.. too late now, though. :)

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We started with 50 and I think have lost 2 or 3, but none of us can figure WHO these people are. All of a sudden we just realized one day that there were a couple empty seats. It happened pretty early on in the semester.

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We started with 50 and I think have lost 2 or 3, but none of us can figure WHO these people are. All of a sudden we just realized one day that there were a couple empty seats. It happened pretty early on in the semester.

This happened at our school as well. I know we lost a couple very early on but I don't even remember their faces. Then we lost another one a couple weeks later. Every person who stuck it out to the end of the first class has passed and continued on! Woohoo!


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lost two the first day. now that we are in the 7th week out of nine we lost a total of five. about ten failed the first two tests so now they are most likey out of the program to start fundamentals next semester -passing is a 75% (C-). 60-12=48 bummer isnt it


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I am in my 3rd semester of a 4 semester ADN program. Our class started out with 96 students. We dropped around 34 first semester and around 18 second semester. We now have 58 in our class and that is including 11 LPNs that joined us this semester for the accelerated LPN to RN course. So actually of us, we have 47 left, which is just more than 50% less than what we started out at.

It is so sad to see these numbers. Some of ours were voluntary quits for personal reasons but the majority was because of failing out. Some of them were my good friends. It so frustrating!

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NONE! We still have 62.


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We started w/30..we are down to 28. We lost 1 on the very first day...I think it was because of her back...(if you have back probs, why would you even try for nursing?)And we lost the 2nd yesterday. He had missed 24+ hours of school already, so they booted him:( So sad...he was one of the most intelligent and nicest guys I had ever met.

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