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I know some of us were discouraged to find out that we didnt get in for Fall. The cut off was the highest theyve ever seen and some were shocked to find out their true pre-req GPA. We have another chance to accomplish our dream of becoming an RN and I am hopeful we will all get in for Spring. Historically it is an easier semester to get into, last GPA cutoff for 2019 Spring was a 3.381 so there is hope. If you dont mind posting GPA and TEAS and when youve submitted the app. Round 2, lets go!

Pre-req GPA- 3.514


Havnt submitted just yet, but i will be soon!


I will be applying again for 2020 - Spring.

Pre-req GPA- 3.667


I hope the people that could not get in on 2019 - Fall can get in on the next round!

Pre-req GPA- 3.57
Dale Mabry Nights

I already have my AA

Someone asked if the FASFA / Student loan will roll over. It dose not so if you received the grant I suggest you find something to study and don't let the money go to waste ?

Please also take advantage if you haven't for our CPR /BLS Required certification training provided by HCC

BLS Provider Certification

HCC Students, Faculty and Staff can take this course at a discounted rate ($35). Contact [email protected] (from your HCC email account) with your Name and ID number to receive a promo code.


I was once in the situation of many others that though there pre req was a certain figure and turned out to be lower please use this calculator and remember labs are only 1 credit hour. Also if you have retaken a class more than twice you are penalized on your pre req gpa


Hi @niquamayers

I haven’t received the funds yet, so in that case, wouldn’t the fund be valid to be used on 2020?

I will call them and ask

1 hour ago, StephanieDemenjon said:


I will be applying again for 2020 - Spring.

Pre-req GPA- 3.667


I hope the people that could not get in on 2019 - Fall can get in on the next round!

Have the same pre-req GPA and TEAS score as you - good luck! I'm reapplying for Spring 2020 as well if a seat doesn't open.

@StephanieDemenjon Which funds for August 2019 ? Those funds have already or should have been granted . If you don't use them seeing we didn't get in to start in fall they will not roll over to Spring 2020 . call and double check but any funds you accept don't roll over if its not used

@StephanieDemenjon for me example, I am continuing my Bachelors degree and taking classes for Fall 2019 with USF and if I get in for Spring 2020 at HCC ill use the money granted for that term to attend HCC in the spring . If I don't take classes for august 2019 (fall semester ) I lose those funds, those fund are a pell grant so I for sure don't want to not use it.

@niquamayers I definitely need to call them and ask because i ddnt even receive the funds, last time I went to hcc to talk about that the lady told me I would only receive it once I got in the program


If I apply for the Spring I’m looking at Dale Mabry Nights/Weekends. I’m scheduled to take my CPR course tonight at HCC. On another note this application period has been a learning experience for me personally. However, my plan is to remain positive and hopeful.

My pre-req GPA is a 3.571


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