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  1. if you google hcc bookstore select dale mabry campus, select spring 2020, then select NUR from the list of course and highlight all the classes it will show you the book package and everything else we need. thats how i found out the exact versions. has anyone bought the books yet, it still doesnt give the option to purchase online? or we have to go buy them in campus?
  2. What do you recommend I study prior to starting my program? Ive seen a lot of people recommend to relax but I already do that at work lol so I need something to do Program start date is 1/13/2020
  3. thank you i will check this out !
  4. I was thinking from 9-2 since night time is from 5-9 , so like 4-5 hours tops
  5. based on last semester, alternates found out a couple days later. hopefully one or two weeks, once people start submitting their decision they will go down the list of alternates
  6. I was thinking the same but we will see, I sent my acceptance as an alternate hopefully is not too long of a wait . I’ll find out before orientation . Thanks everyone
  7. Should I join the group or wait to be officially admitted lol
  8. Congrats to those that got in! And those still waiting should be in your inbox soon. I just submitted my acceptance as an alternate so we will see. I know last time there was a person on here that was like 21st alternate and got in. Being #1 sure gives me high hopes but you never know
  9. Oh no! I’m not sure if they would reschedule or let you miss under your circumstances . Good luck though !!!!
  10. Orientaron November 4th Orientation **** it didn’t show me the cutoff I guess since I am an alternate .
  11. That’s weird I got two and a third one since I responded to one of them .
  12. Thanks but I’m not entirely in not yet at least, I am assuming you def got in I’m thinking the cutoff was a 3.57 if mine was a 3.51 and got the first spot on alternate list !
  13. I just checked mine and it came in as I was checking lol shows how much I check . I’m not sure how to feel though, if I’m the #1 alternate I’m in? Technically ....
  14. Check your email! I’m the #1 alternate , so there’s a chance!
  15. I’m hoping is this week and not next. Since I was told when I called 4-8 weeks. And this week is the 7th week if I’m not mistaken smh!!
  16. 4.0 gpas will have no issues getting in, I’m sure both of you will def get a spot! Speaking of gpas, if Everyone can share theirs, trying to get an idea. I know is a small sample size since there are hundreds of applicants not on the site. Just bored at this point in the waiting game! 3.51 myself

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