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  1. Hello, I know some of us were discouraged to find out that we didnt get in for Fall. The cut off was the highest theyve ever seen and some were shocked to find out their true pre-req GPA. We have another chance to accomplish our dream of becoming an RN and I am hopeful we will all get in for Spring. Historically it is an easier semester to get into, last GPA cutoff for 2019 Spring was a 3.381 so there is hope. If you dont mind posting GPA and TEAS and when youve submitted the app. Round 2, lets go! Pre-req GPA- 3.514 TEAS-67 Havnt submitted just yet, but i will be soon!
  2. @Dr.Jekyll Wow that’s a huge difference! i hope you’re right . I will be for sure applying prior to the deadline for spring 2020!
  3. An update on my situation, my gpa took a hit when they saw my transcripts and it reflected two Ws for college algebra. So I went from a 3.71 to a 3.51. It’s discouraging but I will continue to apply in hopes that next round the gpas are lower. They were surprised that the cutoff was that high. Don’t lose hope!!
  4. I will be updating everyone. @Tiese Scott I have the same grades. this is straight from the handbook they included on their appeal email. Repeating/Withdrawing from Prerequisite Courses: Applicants may have two (2) attempts per prerequisite course after 1997 on their academic record without being penalized. See below Florida statute regarding repeating courses. After two attempts, the following penalties apply:  Subtract 0.2 from the prerequisite GPA for each course attempted a 3rd time  Subtract 0.6 from the prerequisite GPA for each course attempted a 4th time  Subtract 1.2 from the prerequisite GPA for each course attempted a 5th time  Subtract 2.4 from the prerequisite GPA for each course attempted a 6th time Withdrawals, Academic Withdrawals, and other Non-Calculated Grades are Considered Attempts. State of Florida statute (Specific Authority 1001.02(1) FS; Law Implemented 1001.02(9) FS. History – New 8-13-96, Amended 8-17-98, 1-23-00, and 7-20-04 through the Florida Department of Education, Community Colleges, Withdrawal and Forgiveness Rule 6A-14.0301) prohibits HCC from allowing a student to retake a course when the student has taken the course previously and received a “C” or higher grade. HCC will also transfer in a course from another institution, but if the student has taken that course before and received a grade of “C” or higher, the more recent grade will not be used in any grade point calculation. -In the event of two or more eligible college-level mathematics, chemistry, or physics courses, the course with the highest grade will be used to calculate the GPA of required prerequisite courses. -If an applicant has transferred credit from another institution and the number of credits is different from the HCC credit, the GPA calculation for admission only will be based upon the HCC credit hours.
  5. I barely made the cutoff but I make it with a 3.77. I am rushing to HCC right after work they close at 7pm to start this appeal process. They clearly failed to follow their own handbook
  6. something is wrong, they calculated my gpa to 3.51 when it is a 3.77, I repeated Human Anatomy and Lab once, there shouldve been no point deduction. I have to appeal smh
  7. Congrats Sammy! Sorry to hear it wasnt the path you wanted, reading back I saw you preferred USF. Their nursing program is so difficult to get into, but the concurrent should be available to us.
  8. I havent received anything yet.......did you get in Sammy?!!
  9. Austyn-about 4-6 weeks after the deadline.
  10. should we be expecting letters this week or the following?!!!
  11. I hope so rrodriguez cant quite enjoy summer with this waiting game. C3cole- yeah I dont believe that is the case for the "anticipated date", who knows.
  12. June 20th. Unsure what it means, If I had to guess it is a date we can expect to hear back
  13. Hello, all my documents showed received this morning. These 2 weeks need to fly by!
  14. Yeah most of us show "not received, under review" and I have an anticipated date of 6/20/2019. As for orientation all I know is that it takes place sometime in July.