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So I have recently started going back to school back in the fall of 2017 to salvage my awful 1.7 GPA with 71 credit hours that my dumb young self created and changed majors to nursing. Come spring 2019, my culm gpa is only 2.157(well at least its not a 1.7 anymore), and my nursing pre-reqs will only be around a 2.8...The bare minimum to apply at the HCC program. Even an adviser told me told me if I stayed any longer at HCC, I would just be wasting my time and to instead apply at Galen, or become an EMT, and told me I am no where near close to being competitive I'm feeling incredibly depressed right now. No one in my life has been encouraging in the slightest and just told me to do something else. I want to be a nurse. If I make a B in AP2 and an A in College Alg, I'll have the 2.8 GPA and can take the teas and apply for Spring 2020. Granted I am a better student now that I'm older (27) but between working two jobs, I was only able to have an average pre-req gpa. My friends told me to give up on it, nursing student friends told me to look at another career, and the advisers told me to choose something else and that I had no option in nursing. What can I do?

Having the same issue. Would like to discuss with you options if you’re open to it! My email is [email protected]

I wouldnt give up on it, there's another route you can take which is going to one of the schools specialized for nursing like jersey college school of nursing. granted it will be more expensive but if being an RN is your dream I would never give up on it and take this route.

They have the worst advisors! They did this to me too a few years ago. I’m actually going to see them next month if I don’t get accepted to Polk state college to see if they still going to say the same thing. I’m an LPN now and my gpa is at 2.8 but I did score high on Teas. Hopefully they give me more hope this time if I have to go that route with them because a few years ago I left that place crying!

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