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  1. i have a 2.45 pre req because of Cs in Anatomy. Should I still apply for hcc spring? I heard a rumor that the cutoff for spring a couple years ago was 2.1
  2. Yup Saint Pete! In the same both, got Cs in the sciences with only a B in the labs.
  3. For anyone wanting to retake a C course, you can apply as a transient student at SPC (or other colleges) and take a higher level Micro, if you pass it it will replace a C in Micro. I don't know if there are different variants of the AP 1 and 2 cours...
  4. It won't be a 2.8 since I got Cs in my sciences. I haven't failed or repeated any pre-reqs, and im on my final one, College Algebra which is shaping up to be a B. I'm still going to apply, as well as other colleges. Anyone have suggestions for a C...
  5. Guys, I got like all Cs in my sciences. The only A was Socio. Am I screwed? Should I stilll apply?
  6. So I have recently started going back to school back in the fall of 2017 to salvage my awful 1.7 GPA with 71 credit hours that my dumb young self created and changed majors to nursing. Come spring 2019, my culm gpa is only 2.157(well at least its no...