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  1. @yrosabal I haven't received mines as of yet. I chose to have the uniform company bring them to the school on the first day. Did you have to pay for shipping?
  2. @Dr.Jekyll I received the email. Looks like the meeting is 2/20/2020 @ their campus.
  3. @EmiliaQ Congrats on graduating from the program. The Facebook page for Cohort 3 is HCC Nursing Cohort 3
  4. @yrosabal and @Dr.Jekyll I purchased the Critical Thinking (6th Edition) book from Amazon for $43.93 (HCC $61.80) I purchased the Davis's Drug Guide (16th Edition) book from Amazon for $29.61 (HCC $52.65) I purchased Nurse's Pocket Guide (15th Edition) book from Amazon for $35.97 (HCC $52.65) @yrosabal I have not purchased the book bundle from the school as of yet. I'm hoping to make the purchase no later than Thursday.
  5. The three books that aren’t apart of the bundle I purchased from Amazon for a cheaper price The book bundle we have to purchase is $1,096.00
  6. @Ricefield That’s a good question. Of course that will play a role in the shoes I wear.
  7. @Ricefield You’re welcome! Your PCP should be able to give you paperwork to take to Labcorp or Quest. Any vaccines needed... they should be able to administer them in their office. Good luck!!
  8. @Ricefield My first questions are do you have health insurance and a primary care physician? If so, your primary care physician should be able to provide you with lab paperwork to LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics. If you do not have a primary care physician or health insurance you should be able to visit one of these providers to have the titers completed. Hope this information helps
  9. @rrodriguez212 congratulations on your acceptance!!
  10. @Paigeepoo I took the course through HCC and we didn’t use the manual unless we chose to.
  11. For those who were admitted into the program please note a new promo code was emailed this morning for the CPR course.
  12. @niquamayers From the email the admissions office sent.
  13. Good Morning! Is anyone having a difficult time downloading the attachments?
  14. @mrs_harris__ I’m going to try and tackle creating a group tomorrow. Unfortunately, I’ve never created one before so I may need to get my hubby or kids help me. Once I do I will share the link with you all
  15. @Gladis Rubio Ibclc Congratulations on being accepted. Cohort 3 is the Evening/Weekend classes at the Dale Mabry campus.
  16. @Paigeepoo Congratulations!!!

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