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  1. Cohort 3 accepted alternates ,congratulations please join us:
  2. No it dosent
  3. I’m taking it through HCC I’ll read some of the manual but honestly I’ve taken a course before and reading a manual is not needed
  4. @Ysobel I don’t see why not I don’t have a issue you should deff get in as alt #1. For fall alt #15 got in
  5. i Uploaded them on the page it’s 10 docs total , the files are located in the files section
  6. From the email they sent or on the group
  8. I created a group it’s called HCC Nursing Cohort 3
  9. Yes im in your cohort , Dale Mabry nights chort 3
  10. Cohorts 1, 2, 4 & 5 Class days range from 2-3 days a week. Class and clinical hours can be 15-16 hours a week. In some courses additional days and hours may be added. -Cohort 3 It is 2-3 days a week beginning at 5 pm. Time will vary depending on ...
  11. How do you know the cohort , I’m in three what is that
  12. Accepted to cohort 3 , what is that , 3.57 gpa
  13. THe email tells you the cut off I haven't gotten a email
  14. I haven't gotten an email anyone else still waiting